- My Baby Birthday -

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- Chapter 2 -

- Chapter 2 -

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"Please tell me you have the cake ready and other shit planned"I semi yelled into the phone. Today was my baby birthday and you know I have to do something special for her. "Man look, just make sure the nigga have the keys under the mat so we can get in"

I hung up the phone and drove home in my Lamborghini. Since I moved to Miami, I been making a lot of money. I made record deals, clothing line with adidas and puma. Next is Nike. Basically, I'm loving my life.

My kids are my world. Kairi is growing up strong and wise. She's smart like Demi. Well learning more from Demi. She still asking for her momma even though her mom is in heaven. Demi comforts her and tell her it's going to be okay and that she have a family already. I'm telling y'all. Demi is the smartest, sassy, and have a sense of humor in the family. Demi is also the baddest child I ever have. She talks a lot. Kashton and daxton. They still babies. But they both have to be close to each other for some reason. If kashton is out of daxton sight, kashton will cry and cry till daxton is back in his sight. That's weird.

But all my kids are good. We are one big happy family. And with the wedding around the corner. We gone be a bigger family then ever. I'm thinking about buying a bigger house and moving our families in. Keegan mom, dad, and sister and kadin. My mom and dad and cousins. Aunt. Uncle. I want us to be closer.

Finally I pulled up to the house to see if the kids was dress. I exit out the car and walked to the house door. Before I can walk in the house, I heard Keegan voice. I open the door seeing the kids on the stairs while Keegan looking at them stupid.

"What's going on?"I ask.

"Why are the kids dress like their going somewhere?"Keegan ask me.

"Well I'm taking you and the kids out tonight"I said. Ms. Dorthy came down the stairs with a smile.

"Where you taking me?"Keegan ask.

"To dinner. It's your birthday babe"I smiled. "Now go get dress so we can go"I push her softly to the stairs.

"Fine okay"Keegan said then marched up the stairs. I waited for the room door to close then look at Ms.Dorothy.

"I thought you said she wasn't home?"I ask.

"By the time you hung up she arrived"Ms.Dorothy said. "I hurried up and dress the twins and told the girls to sit on the stairs with the twins and wait for keegan to come in and say happy birthday mommy"she explained.

"Now I have to tell the guys to keep the people entertained"I said looking at my phone.

I hope she likes what I did for her and not trip about it.



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The kids

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