Eric Matthews

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Sassing Cory and revealing your relationship with Eric at the same time

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Sassing Cory and revealing your relationship with Eric at the same time

Cory sat down next to you at the table and gave you a strange look. You and Eric had been best friends since elementary so it wasn't a rare sight to see the two of you together at the Matthews house.

"Got a problem brillo head?" Cory shook his head and put up his hands.

"No no, no problems at all!" You nodded and started to write more in your notebook for the English essay you and Eric had due. "So how was your night last night? Lots of studying?" You hesitated for a moment wondering if Cory had heard you and Eric.

"Yeah gnat that's what I do every night. I had a test to study for." He slowly nodded.

"Uh huh uh huh yeah, and uh what was your test on? Human anatomy?" Eric choked on his soda, glaring at Cory.

"Yeah Cor, it was. It was a partnered up oral presentation." You smirked at him, hearing Eric choke on his soda again.

Cory's jaw dropped. "Holy-" His mother walked in and we all looked at where she stood in the doorway.

"I'm home- did something happen that I don't know about?" You all shook your head and looked down at the paper you'd been writing. His mom nodded and went upstairs.

While Cory was looking at the doorway, you and Eric kissed....

And then your little brother Shawn walked in and screamed.

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