Chapter 15

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* no one's pov*

9pm at night..

Erica opens the door and let's Baekhyun in. He hands her flowers and blushes.

"I thought these were for new clients only." 

Baekhyun- special clients too.

"Awww. What brings you here?"

Baekhyun- please don't judge me.

" what's up?"

Baekhyun- I want to try bdsm.

" did you forget about your back?

Baekhyun- no it's different. I want you to take care of me....ok none of this is coming out right.

"You want to be a little?"

Baekhyun- please don't judge me!

" haha it's ok. My sister has a little." 

Baekhyun- you don't have to if you don't want.

" of course I want to. I don't want to see you hurt. I would love to be your caregiver."

Baekhyun- just baby steps ok?

"Ok, what made you want to do this?" 

Baekhyun- I had to babysit a little a few hours ago and she just seemed so at peace. 

" are you going to be little full time?"

Baekhyun- no, only when I'm stressed.

" ok. Uh Baekhyun."

Baekhyun- yes?

" sorry for leaving you in the tub earlier." 

Baekhyun- it's ok. Let's just keep this between us.

" ok. Want to stay over?"

Baekhyun- yes.

Erica giggles and lets Baekhyun in. He sits down and she grabs a blanket.

"Can I ask a question?"

Baekhyun- yes?

" why me?"

Baekhyun- you're the only client I can trust. All the other clients would take advantage of little me. Plus, littles aren't sexual. You're the only one I know would never take advantage of me being naive.

" awe thanks Baekkie." 

Baekhyun- wow starting with the baby names already?

Erica laughs and leans her head on Baekhyun's shoulder.

"Good night Baekkie."

Baekhyun- goodnight. 

Baekhyun closes his eyes and Erica kisses him on the cheek. He opens his eyes and Erica smiles at him. He kisses her cheek and falls asleep.

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