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Tao's POV

A storm hit our area today, i couldn't go home at the moment, i left my umbrella at home...

Moments ago, we had a clear blue sky... i am not expecting rain. I always hated rain.

Ugh! My shoes! I can't walk these shoes in the rain... i don't want them to stink.

My gucci bag will get wet.


Oh... it's kris...

"Hey gege! What's up?"

"Just checking if you are already home." Wow, why so fluffy gege?

"I haven't yet... the storm just got worse." I said with a very depressing tone

"I hope you could get home by now." He is really fluffy today.

"You could at least pick me up." I said in an aegyo filled voice.

"Car's in repair, a branch got in the way. Sorry" here come the cold gege back.



"What?! What happened?" I asked filled with concern

"I was driving, then a branch fell, that's all. Don't worry about it. I am alright." He chuckled.

"How am i going to get home by now?" I said once again in an aegyo filled voice.

"Take a cab" i want the fluffy gege back.

"All vehicles are occupied." I said in a pressing tone.

"Find a way then." He hang up,

"Gege!" Fuck you gege! I can't get my shoes wet super wet.

Oh what ever! I'm going in. But first i have to wrap my shoes in my scarf and put it into my gucci bag.

Okay i was barefoot when i ran into the rain... oh who cares if anyone sees me... i am desperate to go home.

I ran to the streets on my cold feet...

It was freezing cold! Every drop of water were like shards of cold glass running through your skin.

I was panting, catching my breath as i went inside my apartment looking soaking wet.

I wanted to lie down on my couch, but it was not leather, but fluffy stuff of black and white.

I ran to my bathroom to prepare my tub of warm water.

I was about to get some clothes... But when i get in to my room...

Kris was standing in front of the doorway as his hot breath brushed my cold skin as he whisperred "Good evening panda cub."

"Gege! What are you doing here?" I was shocked to see him here. I pulled away shiverring a bit and looked down.

"Why baby? Is it bad if i gave you a surprise visit?" His husky voice make my body hair stand up as he hugged me.

"Don't hug me, you'll get wet." I pulled away again crossing my arms.

"Don't worry about me getting wet, it's you i am worried about." Oh god that tone, that voice, that smile, those brows, those eyes... just made me feel hot...

He looked at me from head to toe as he bit he licked his lips, and raising eyebrows as he bit his lower lip.

But I frozed when as he observed. I was wearing white, and i was soaking wet, my shirt became see through... my nipples showing, my belly button visible as well as my slightly toned abdomen.