dare 8,9 and ask 2

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Mariko:*laugh evil*

Shu:*come in the room whit messy hair,red face and hickeys  on his neck and he is still in the maid dress*Why are you laughing?

Mariko:*look at Shu and smirk*You have hickeys?Who give you hickeys.Lui or Valt?

Shu:*blush more and hide his face in his hands*bo-oth


(This heppend in an empty room in the house of truth and dare)

Lui threw Shu on the bed and put himself on top of him.Lui smirk at Shu and he(Lui)begins to take off the dress.

After Lui get the dress out leav Shu just in his black panties.Valt smile and start to kiss and bites Shu's pale skin.Shu start to moan enjoying the pleasure.

-Lets start your punishment~Lui say geting a vibrator from a bag beside the bed.Valt keep kissing and bites Shu's skin.

Lui pulled down Shu's black panties and threw them over the room.Then Lui put the vibrator in Shu's hole and set it to the highest level.

-Ahhhaaa!Shu moan and he close his eyes.Lui smirk and he get Shu's member in his mouth and began to suck.

Valt take his the opportunity to kiss Shu and to put his tongue in the mouth of the albino boy.Lui start to suck faster and rubbing Shu's thighs.

-Aaaahhhhhhaaa!Shu moan louder and cum in Lui's mouth.Lui swallow the sweet but salty liquid.Then Lui and Valt changed places, and Valt put a finger in Shu's entrance.

(And you know who this end!If not Valt and Lui fuck Shu)

flashback end

Shu:*blush more*

Mariko:*smirk more*But this is not important right now! We have more dares!

Misty:Yey!Is something from me?

Mariko:No.Sorry.Not now.

Misty:Oh.Ok! :3

Mariko:We have 2 dares and a ask!


Mariko:The first dare is from Absol_and_Wolfy!She dare Norman to be Theodore maid!


Red eye:Yes!Is not me!*hug Absol_and_Wolfy*Thanks!

Theodore:Well I can't say I'm disappointed~*smirk at Norman*

Norman:Why!?Why It can be Red eye!?

Mariko:*mad*You will not rape my twin brothers!*hug Shu and Red eye*

Red eye and Shu:*hug back*:3

Misty:I want to get a hug too! >:3

Mariko:Come here!

Misty:*run and hug Mariko,Red eye and Shu*Yeeey!Hugs!


Mariko:*pull back*Ok!Here is your maid dress*give him the dress*

Norman:*get the dress*Fuck you!*go to change*

Mariko:Are kids here you know!Like Misty,Cuza,Fubuki,Nika and Toko!

After 5 minutes Norman get out

After 5 minutes Norman get out

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(This is his dress)


Norman:*blush*D-Don't look at me like this you perv!

Mariko,Misty,Shu and Red eye:*laugh they ass out*Bahahahahahahaha!

Mariko:*stop laughing*O-Ok!We have ask from SakuKurenai!She ask us(Me,Lui,Valt,Shu and Red eye)If we like her dares!

Mariko:I'm ok whit them!But don't you dare to make me wear a dress!If you make me wear a dress we have a problem!

Misty:She don't like dress and skirts.On of her frends when she was little get hurt because a man attacked them and Mariko stumbled into her dress and could not stop the man from hurting her friend. Her friend is fine now but Mariko does not trust dresses anymore.(this happend when Mariko was 5,so she have trauma)


Shu:I like your dares but not the one that make me Valt and Lui maid*bush*>~<

Lui and Valt:*smirk at Shu*But we love all your dares!Mmmmm!Shu!

Red eye:I'm ok whit them!But pleas don't make me to wear a dress or a skirt with these pervs. I will get rape T^T

Sisco:Well I will love to see Mariko in a maid dress!*smirk at Mariko*

Mariko:*she slammed Sisco over his face*No you perv!

Norman and Theodore:*smirk at Red eye*We will rape you one day Red eye~

Red eye:*Hide behind Mariko*Help!

Mariko:We have a last dare from SakuKurenai!She dare Me,Red eye and Shu to torture Norman and Theodore!*smirk like a demon*

Red eye:*smirk too*Ooooooo!We will have fun!*get weapons*

Shu:*smirk*Ooooooo!Sure we will

So Theodore and Norman are taken to a soundproofed room by Mariko, Shu and Red Eye

Theodore and Norman:*in the same time*We ganna die!

Misty:Well this is all!Bye!


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