11 - Surround

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"Please take care of Jin for me"


"Here, use this and have some rest" Yulhee says, passing Jin a blanket and finally went back to work.

It was early in the morning that Taehyung wakes up. The sun is not even rise, it is still early. As he carelessly blinks his eyes open and rubbing it, he notice the unfamiliar place. And he remember something shortly after that. He remember hearing someone talk to him last night. Jin. Right, so then Taehyung eyes the whole room and finding the sleeping said man on the couch, hair long enough to almost cover his eyes.

Taehyung just eyes Jin the whole time. Why did the elder is so nice to him although he treats him like shit? Not just himself but the others too treat him like shit. Although everyone is clearly shows that they didn't like Jin, although Jin himself know that, the elder never complain but instead he just smile to them warmly for everything. Sometimes, Taehyung admits that they were so harsh to him because that time Jin just looked down hiding his face, not showing any usual smile to them.

Taehyung's thought was cut off when he heard a noise coming from the door. Someone come into the room.

"Oh, you're awake so early. Feel better?" Yulhee asks him, smiling.

"Noona?" Taehyung says, confused.

"Jin brought you here last night, you have a fever but your fever did broke" Yulhee says, walking closer to Taehyung.

As she stands besides the younger's bed, she turn her back to the table beside and pour some water onto the glass and hand Taehyung the water.

"You're a doctor?" Taehyung asks as he takes the glass she hands him.

She didn't reply but instead she smile warmly watching the younger before pulling out her digital thermometer from her pocket and checks Taehyung's temperature.

"Did you feel better?" she asks calmly.

"Yeah, a little bit grumpy I guess" Taehyung replies as he finished drinking the water.

"You can leave later but for now, catch some sleep, it is still early" she says, adjusting the blanket before walking off.

"-and Taehyung," she says after a few steps she took.

"Please take care of Jin for me" she says again, smiling warmly with a clear concern expression on her face.

Taehyung nods, completely clueless of the meaning behind it before went back to sleep. The next time Taehyung awake, the sun is up and Jin is beside him.

"Did you feel better?" Jin asks softly as the younger just awake.

"I want to go home.." Taehyung replies.

"Alright, let's go home. I will call someone" Jin says, walking out of the room, leaving Taehyung all alone.

After quite some time, Jin come back with a nurse. The nurse then takes off the IV drips from Taehyung and together, both Jin and Taehyung walking slowly out of the room.

"Jin-" the nurse calls him before he can completely out of the room making both him and Taehyung stop their movement.

"Yulhee says she wants to see you for awhile in her room before you leave" the nurse says again.

With a confused face, Jin nods and continue walking with Taehyung.

"Can you take the medicines by yourself? I will come back shortly later" Jin says.

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