10 - Not Oneself

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“Just go, I don’t feel well”


“Such a lucky person having a sister here closer to him” someone says mockingly.

Of course Jin didn’t reply anything as, first, he didn’t really wanted to make a scene, he didn’t want to turn everything into a fight, second, he is tired from all the nagging he got from Yulhee when they are on their way here. So, Jin just brush the thing off, completely ignoring them and walks back to the living room finding his bed there. Laying down there on the bed with eyes close, covering his whole body including his head and only letting some of his fluffy hair out with the warm blanket before finally dozing off towards his dreamland.

It was barely 20 minutes after that, that he hears some noise mostly coming from the front door and the kitchen. The food has arrived. Since Jin didn’t really has appetite to eat, he just continues sleeping until the next morning. The morning come as usual. It just him doing his daily routine as always which is preparing for his classes. When Jin walks to the kitchen, he see some leftover of last night food in the container on the table. After all, the kids do have kindness in them. Jin smiles looking at the food. They never really the type to cause trouble to people and they never really likes to hurt people. It just the situation is too hard for them and that, force them to be cold.

Jin can see all those kindness in them. After all, all six of them, Min Yoongi, Kim Namjoon, Jeon Jungkook, Kim Taehyung, Jung Hoseok and Park Jimin are all kids. Much younger than Jin himself. They are just a kid facing the cruelty of the world. The world full of lies, the dirty world.

So with that, Jin’s usual daily routine continues. For the week, they had quite some different for their daily schedule, not Jin obviously because his schedule is the same. It’s the other members. Some has their own personal schedule to follow and that is the cause for them to have different schedule than usual. It also caused them to only have about an hour to three hours for practicing.


It’s about three days after Jin come back from the hospital which also marked three days since he started his usual routine back. Going to his classes, working and practicing. Since his schedule is the same as usual, these three days has been the same for Jin. Maybe these usual new routine will continue for quite a while because the others personal schedule. Anyway, he started his training with others in the evening for about few hours before the others left for their usual new schedule.

After the others left, Jin continue practicing until late at night and, in between of the training, he of course get a few time of break. Since Bighit just finished  the renovation of their building, they officially opened another two more practice rooms making it, in total of three practice rooms so far. This, makes the others more comfortable because they don’t need to crash themselves in the only tiny practice room especially when they have different activities going on like dancing, singing and stuff related to the training.

Well, having more practice room do makes Jin feel far apart from them because they hardly choose to go to the practice room Jin is using. Until the situation force them to share the same practice room, then, only that time they will use it. And, mostly late at night the others are already going back to dorm. It is mostly the maknaes. Also it is either, Hoseok, Yoongi or Namjoon going back with them. Since the maknaes are still young, the management set some strict rules over them, telling them to go back to the dorm as late as eleven at night.

The maknaes didn’t protest though, because they already spend their time practicing since it’s day time. Also, they also get some cheat day though especially when they feel like they need to practice more. Today, as what Jin knows when he came back from eating at the nearby street restaurant, their manager, Hobeom already inform Jin that the others are back at the dorm and Hobeom also told Jin to switch off the lights when he finished practicing. Day as usual, Jin was left alone practicing again.

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