09 - Small Gathering

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"Shut up. You are not here for that long anyway. Just a day passed"


With that, Sejin taps Jimin's shoulder before he walks away, going somewhere on earth leaving Jimin there, standing still. After few seconds, Jimin decided to walk back into the practice room, joining the others.


"Did you get his number?" Namjoon asks after Jimin enter the room.

"Yeah, but the manager told me to not call him for awhile" Jimin replies.

"Why?" Taehyung asks.

"Sejin hyung said that the new kid had something urgent and couldn't make it to the practice" Jimin replies, bored.

"Until when?" This time, Hoseok asks instead of Taehyung and Namjoon.

"I don't know" Jimin says.

And after mumbling something for awhile, finally they decided to cut off the whole topic and start practicing again. It was during midnight that they stop practicing and grabbing all of their stuff to go back home. When they arrived at the dorm, someone decided to text Jin reminding him about future practice classes. Hoseok uses Jimin's phone to text the eldest since Jimin is the only one who has Jin's number. Well, Jimin already sent the number to them but of course the same excuses are out again. Excuses about it is not necessary to save and all.

On the other hand, Jin is still laying on his bed, eyes stuck on the movie appearing on the television when a notification came. It is from Jimin. The thing is, Jin is the only one who save the whole group's phone number. The first time he came into the building after meeting them, he was given each members' phone number and right at that time, he saved it into his phone. And, because of that he knows who is the one is texting him right now.

"It's Hoseok, wherever you are and whatever is happening right now, do take responsibility for it"

So, Hoseok is using Jimin's phone to text him. After reading the text, Jin didn't reply anything. Instead of replying, he just shut the phone off and set it at the table besides his bed, sighing for a bit before continue watching the movie alone. True, it is a choice to reply or not and Jin just simply choose not to reply because he is not in the mood, he is tired and also, he is stuck here and he didn't even know for how long.

When Yulhee came into the room, Jin was caught off guard.

"Where are you going? Running away from here?" Yulhee says, looking mad as she see Jin is trying to take off the mask.

And, Jin stops his movement for few seconds before continue again right away. This time, he also takes off the wires attached to his body. The heart monitor wires.

"I'm not going to run, I'm going to the toilet" Jin says making face to his noona, before standing up, rolling his IV drips stand to the toilet there.

Since Jin's room is a private room, there is a toilet there in the room too. After few minutes in there, Yulhee says something from the other side of the toilet door.

"Just come out will you? This is the third floor, I know you're plotting to run away from here using the window" Yulhee says as she waits for Jin to came out from the toilet.

"I'm not running away" Jin says as he came out of the toilet and making face again, looking bored while walking back to his bed.

As Jin makes himself comfortable on the bed, Yulhee came closer adjusting back the wires on Jin's body, setting up the oxygen mask again and carefully rolls the IV drips stand back to it place without accidentally hurting the younger.

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