Chapter 1 - Sam's P.O.V.

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"Are you ready to talk yet?" I ask to my once best friend. Dameon was not the guy he use to be. He was a hollow shell. There was no life in his eyes, he looked completly empty. "Perhaps, but it's complicated." He tells me, emotionless. "Tell me why Dameon" I say, trying to keep my voice as emotionless as him but it dosn't work. "What do you me-" "YOU KNOW DAMN WELL WHAT I MEAN, YOU COULD HAVE KILLED SOMEONE!" I interupt, my voice loud and bitter. Dameon winces. "If you are going to raise your voice, you can just leave..." He tells me, his voice unchanging. It burned me up to see him act like it wasn't a big deal, like nothing had had ever happened. "I have a right to be fucking upset Dameon!" I say trying to calm down. "Sam, please come visit me once a week. I will tell you all of the reasons why. I have a list of all the people who play a major role in my story, I want you to tell the people they are on the list but let them figure out for themselves why." "When do you get to go home?" I ask. "This is my home now." he replies. The officer standing guared informs me that the hospital visiting hours are over. "Next week" I remind Dameon as I leave. I start up my truck and just sit there. I remember the day Dameon brought a gun to school. I was in the weight room doing bench press when a loud BANG rang throught the gym. I ran as fast as my muscular legs would take me to see what had happened. When I burst through the door I see the police tackle the gunman. I froze when I saw who it was. "YOU DID THIS TO ME, YOU ALL DID!" Dameon screamed. I felt like I would be sick. What had just happened?

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