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Sophia's POV
I woke up in a familiar room but not the one I fell asleep in. The memories came flooding back from last night. I was in Titus' room. I looked over my shoulder and no one was there. I felt the spot where the blanket wasn't covering. It was warm. Someone was just on there. My guess is Titus. The bathroom door swings open and he walks out.

"I have pack work today I won't be back till later tonight. Stay in the house. Mind link me of Brody if you need anything. There are two guards in the front and two in the back," he says distantly. My wolf notices and lightly whines. Does he realize I'm not in his pack. I can't mind link.

'We just met him yesterday, don't be quick to judge,' I remind her.

"I will send a maid to help you with your needs," he says then walks out.

I sigh. I thought he would be nicer today. Maybe it's because of my outburst last night. Maybe he doesn't want me anymore like Terry didn't. My wolf let out a soft whine. I walk towards to the kitchen and open the fridge. I take out the bottle of orange juice and pour a glass. I walk around the large alpha's house. I come across a room with double doors. I cautiously open the door and it opens up to a beautiful library. There were shelves that lined the walls. It looked right out of the Beauty and the Beast library. There were sections for every genre. I walk around observing the books still sipping my orange juice. There were old and fairly new books.

'I wonder if he has Harry Potter?' I ask my wolf. I didn't get a response from her. I think she was still sad about Terry and Titus. I sigh and realized that I was really lonely now that my wolf was hiding somewhere. 

"Luna?" I heard from behind me. I jump almost slipping my orange juice. I turn around and see an only lady standing there.

"I'm sorry Luna I, didn't mean to scare you," she apologizes.

"Are you the maid Titus sent for?" I ask politely.

"Yes Luna," she nods.

"Don't call me Luna. My name is Sophia," I smile.

"Yes Lu-Sophia," she quickly fixes herself. She looked around 50 but had a motherly feeling about her.

"What's your name," I ask taking another sip of my drink.

"Charlotte Montgomery, Lu-Sophia," she corrects herself again.

"You're Brody's mom?" I asked surprised.

"Yes ma'am," she says. It felt weird that a grownup was using formalities with me.

"You don't need to be that formal with me you're older than me it feels weird."

She nods, "Are you hungry?" Lading me out of the kitchen. I notice some art hanging on the wall I didn't notice at first while walking down here.

"Yes I'm starving," I laugh.

"Would you like pancakes?" She asks looking in the pantry. I think if I want pancakes or not.

"SOPHIA GET YO ASS DOWN HERE," I hear James' voice from downstairs. I wince since my sensitive hearing was not helpful in this situation.

"Young man Language," I hear my mom from downstairs. I snicker a little and start walking downstairs.

"I heard Soph," James says. I roll my eyes and walk into the kitchen.

"Here take your pancake," he says as a piece of food comes flying towards my head.

"James!" My mom and I shout at him. We all burst into laughter. My mom sighs, "What am  I going to do with y'all?"

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