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Lisa PoV

It was the end of the day I've finally finished with my lesson. I'm normally happy because this would be the time Jennie would come into my studio and we'll spend some time with each other. But this was the worst day of my life.

I was packing my things. I had plastered a smile on for my lesson but as soon as twice left I had turned my smile upside down again.

I turned around and I see Momo there.

Lisa: did you leave something.

Momo shakes her head.

Momo: no I actually came back here to see how you were I felt that there was something off about you today.

Maybe I didn't hide my grumpy mood well unless Momo was some sort of mind reader.

Lisa: everything is fine Momo thank you for asking

I gave her a small smile and she came closer to me.

Momo: Lisa your my coach Let me help you.

Momo places her hand on my upper arm and started rubbing my arm gently. I just gave her a smile.

Lisa: really it's fine

Momo just chuckled

Momo: how about we dance a little

I nodded

Lisa: okay seen as your not leaving me until I'm in somewhat of a good mood

Momo claps and hold onto my hand

Momo: yayyyyyyy

Unknown POV

I walked back to my Lisa's studio and I see her in there with Momo. Why the hell is she in there with my Lisa.

I mean I knew Momo always liked Lisa but she never did anything because she always says Lisa May have a girlfriend because Lisa had always had some sort of love marks on her neck once in a while. Lisa isn't even Momo's type I am Lisa's type no one else,

I should of known Momo was coming back here after the convocation she had on our water break, she was Saying to me and the girls Lisa looks a little upset and maybe she broke up with her girlfriend and blah blah blah.

I see Momo and Lisa dancing closely together and I see Lisa sexily chuckle and Momo stupidly giggle. Don't worry Lisa you will be mine.


I told Lisa before she left work that if she told Jennie about anything and the real reasoning about them "breaking up" I will do everything I said on the 7th floors anyway.

I knew Lisa broke up with Jennie and I'm happy she actually did it. Jennie doesn't want to fall for someone like Lisa. I knew all of Lisa's relationships and from what She tells me she only uses them for her needs. But not my daughter she isn't.

I know Lisa and Jennie probably found some sort of liking To each other so I'm going to hire someone to work here as a dance coach and I heard he had a crush on my daughter but brushed it off and maybe he can be the one my daughter falls for, not a player like Lisa.

Rose says Lisa has changed and I believed that to for a while but when I heard she cheated on her last girlfriend I can't let Jennie get involved with Lisa. I like Lisa she's the best dancer in my whole company she's really talented and she's brights every room she steps in but I can't let her use my daughter in her little games.

Unless Lisa somehow changes my mind about her then maybe I will let her date Jennie but I just can't. They always say a tiger can't change their stripes but is Lisa really in love with my daughter that Jennie made Lisa change her old ways. It doesn't sound believable to me.

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