Part 11

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After my talk with Y/n I go back to the place I stay. Walking on my way home, I happen to encounter the King but he did not see me or he did.

I was walking around the town when I see So did I just see him?

I quickly leave the town and go back to the palace. I told Jimong to gather the officials.

"Your majesty, you call for us?" Sok Mung ask

"I did. Just want to tell you that i feel like So is alive safe and sound" I said

"He's alive?" Sok Mung ask

"I don't know, but we need to investigate" I said

"Where did you see him?" He ask again

"At the town" I answer

"Isn't the queen there? You should send a guards for her safety plus she will be the one who'll carry the heir" he said

"You're right, but for now let's Investigate" I said they nodded.

I was in my room not allowed to go out. So is in my head, what if someone saw him?

"Queen Wang, are you ok?" Ask my servant

"Can't I really go out?" I ask

"No you can't, King Yo order that you can't" she answer

"Why?" I ask

"He said he kind of see Prince So but he's not sure" she said I got shock

"Why are you so shock? Did you see him already?" She ask

"No, why would I?" I ask laughing awkwardly

"You can go out now" I said she nodded and go out.


I woke up and change my dress then go out.

"Queen Wang, where are you going?" She ask

"I need you to get some books at the palace" I said, it's the only way for me to get out

"What books?" She ask

"Books that I can read" I said she nodded and leave with the guards and servants with her.

Once she is gone, I quickly change and go to the mountain where me and so meet.

"Why are you here? Aren't you allowed to go out?" So ask

"Forget that, for now I think Yo see you" I said

"I think, I happen to see him at town" he answer

"So how to get rid of him?" I ask

"I need to attack someone and you distract them" he said I nodded

"Be safe" I said he nodded as I take my leave.

I reach the house and saw the palace guards I quickly hide but they see me.

"Price So??! So you're alive?" Sok Mung ask and laugh

"I am" I smirk

"Attack him and make sure he's dead" Sok Mung ordered as the guards attack me.

I injured the others, while I'm busy fighting with them I did not notice someone behind me and stab me.

I was walking on my way to the house when I saw the palace guards together with official Sok Mung. I ran where they come from and saw So's bloody body.

"So!" I yelled and ran to him

"Queen Wang?" Ask the guy and I shush him

"I can't treat him" The guy said so he is a doctor

"What do you mean?!" I ask

"The stab is too bad and I can't treat it, to cure it we need to go to the place where the herbs are" he said

"Where is that place?" I ask

"In Songak" he said

"Isn't that needed to ride a ship?" I ask he nodded.

"Here it's my sign show it to the pirate it will give you a ride with So" I said and handed him my chain.

I help So to go to the terminal when I heard the other guy said that the palace guards are coming.

"So, faster" I said

"Leave...n-now" he said barely opening his eyes

"No, I can't" I said

"Come on we're near outside" I said pulling him.

I found out that So is alive and currently at someone's house. In a hurry, I rode my horse together with Wook following me.

When I arrive the place, I can't believe what I'm seeing. Y/n helping So, my heart broke seeing her. Since she's busy helping So she did not notice me.

Jimong look at her disappointed.

"Come on we're near outside" she said pulling So.

"Get him" I order and she finally notice that I'm here.

"Get him!" I yelled as they take So. Y/n, desperately want to save So tried grabbing him.

"Y/n!!" I yelled and she stops and look at me.

"Sorry to say this Your Majesty, since Queen Wang is connected to So we need to investigate her if she plan something" Sok Mung said and tried to take Y/n when she speaks

"Your majesty, I'm sorry it's the only thing I can do" she said as I look at her disbelief

"Y/n, I'm disappointed" I said

"Queen Wang, we should go" Sok Mung said and grab Y/n's arm when she pulled it.

"I can go on my own" she said and walk with them.


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