What they love most about you (yc)

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He loves your eyes. He can easily get lost in them. A couple of times he's been admiring you you'd have to snap him back to reality

He loves your smile. When he tells a joke and your face lights up the whole room. You're very self-conscious about your teeth, but that's Blake's favourite aspect about you.

She loves how you're always happy. You're always putting others before yourself and Eden adores how you put a smile on everyone's faces and make any situation into a good one.

He loves your humour. Dante can always have a joke around with you and him and his friends love the fact you have a loving but funny relationship, Dante loves making you laugh.

He loves your bravery. You're never afraid to try something new and you'll always protect the people around you and like Eden, put others before yourself, and he admires that about you

He likes how nice you are. You'll always make a good impression on people and never make drama, you were the sort of person everyone got along with, and Ethan loved how social you were.

She loves your voice. Unusual, but it's something you're extremely self conscious of and you don't sing a lot, but Tj has listened to you sing and it sounds like music to her ears.

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