Heather and Her Big Mouth (DukeSaw)

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Heather Duke strutted down the halls of Westerburg High, looking for the rest of the clique. Well, more importantly her crush, Veronica Sawyer. When they had met in the bathrooms, Duke's heart skipped a beat, and not even Chandler's 'Shut Up Heather' wiped the childish grin on the 4'9 girl's face. She hummed slightly, strutting up to another clique member, Heather McNamara.

"Hey, Heather," Duke greeted, smiling genuinely. The first thing the blonde did was check her forehead.

"You're smiling, who died?" She asked almost immediately, and Duke's look of confusion and lovestruck made her realise, "Oh! Are you finally planning to confess to Ronnie today?" She asked, bouncing on the balls of her feet. The green themed teen nodded, almost anxiously.

"Yeah, actually," She rubbed the back of her neck, "Have you seen her?"

"Nope, sorry, Dudu."

"Don't call me that, Heather."

"Whatever, anyway, V's probably in the library, you know that bookworm better than me," The dirty blonde shrugged, going back to organizing her locker, as Duke nodded sheepishly, before heading off towards the library.


The brunette entered the library with a small hint of determination in her gaze as she scanned the small room for the familiar brunette. She spotted her, crazily doing last night's homework. Heather almost giggled, Veronica must've forgotten about the homework after their tutor session.

Hyping herself up internally, she strolled over, sitting opposite her crush, who honestly looked like complete shit. Hot shit, but shit. She hadn't noticed the other brunette, startling a little when Duke spoke, "You okay there, Sawyer?"

A sleepy nod answered as the girl nodded, "Yeah, uh.. Did you—"

"Do the homework? Yup. You didn't?"

"My dad kept lecturing me on the safety of cars," Duke snorted. Veronica rolled her eyes, "Yeah, haha, very funny, can I have the answers?" The green girl nodded as she handed over her completed homework, watching Veronica copy it down.

"You owe me, though."

A sigh escaped her lips, "What is it?"

"A kiss."

"Only a k- wait, what?!" Veronica perked up.

"You heard me," Duke had a small blush. She was hoping that it would work, since Chandler and Mac kept teasing her for not having her first kiss yet, "What are you, a pillowcase?"

Veronica got up and moved over, handing the girl her homework back before gently colliding their lips. However, neither of them pulled away, and rather enjoyed it, "Does th-that satisfy you?" The blue themed girl asked, a blush on both of their cheeks.

"Y-Yeah, uh.. Actually, Ronnie, I have something to tell you-" She began, startling when the bell rang, and the brunette packed up her stuff.

"Sorry, you're going to have to tell me later, I gotta get to Science, on the other side of the school," She smiled, patting Duke's shoulder, "We'll chat at lunch!" She then dashed off, leaving Duke in a stunned silence.

"You loooove her!" McNamara taunted, Chan at her side. The brunette snorted.

"Shut up!"

"Come on, Heather, we both already knew, and I'm she doesn't, it- it's pretty obvious, you know," The 6'7 blonde commented, as Mac hugged her.

"You finally got your first kiss!" She squealed, as Duke folded her arms, huffing with an embarrassed blush.

"Don't you have Art?"

"Oh, shit!" Mac exclaimed, dashing out of the small library, as the green girl looked up at the red one, who smiled.

"Duke, I'm sure Vee loves you, she's just waiting for you to express your love for her," Chandler explained, "Anywho, we should get to English before Sir has our heads."

"Right, let's go."


It was the end of the school day, and somehow, Heather had forgotten about the thing she had to tell Veronica. She knew it was something about a confession, but she wasn't going to do that, hell no-

"So what did you want to tell me?" A voice behind her asked, almost scaring the brunette into falling over, to which Veronica lucky caught her, "Woah, you're all kinds of jumpy today. Everything alri-"

"I like you!" The words came out so fast that Duke wasn't even sure that it was her who said that. She surveyed her surroundings. Chandler had a look of approval and amusement toward her, and McNamara was close to exploding with squeals if it weren't for the pale girl holding her shoulders down. Veronica looked at her with a red face, shock written all over it. Before she had time to even move and respond, Heather had gotten out of her grip, backed up several steps, and then sprinted off toward her jeep, her mind blank. Her thoughts hurling at her.

'Run back to her, you idiot! Oh, you're so getting shunned for this!'

But she kept running.


A loud knock hit Duke's house door while the girl was rereading Moby Dick, as she heard a yell from her father.

"Heather! Get down here! You have some girl seeing you!" She gulped, wandering down the stairs quietly, as her older brother lounged on the couch. It was Veronica, and Heather blushed profusely.

"Uh, hey, Sawyer, come upstairs?" She asked, as she headed back upstairs, hearing her father mumbling something about Duke being a dyke. That, of course set her off, as she whipped back around, "I'm not a dyke! I'm bisexual, so if you're gonna insult me, atleast do it correctly!" Her heart stopped. What did she just do? Well, she caused her father to start screaming, then her brother and mother joining as her father slammed the door in Veronica's face.

For half an hour, she heard yelling, and the sniffle from the girl who'd ran earlier. Then the door bursted open, and Heather was thrown outside. Veronica kneeled beside her, before barely blocking a suitcase full of clothes being thrown at the pair. Then the door shut.

"H-Heather, did you.."

"Get disowned.." She nodded, as the blue girl pulled her into a hug, "Look, I'm sorry for running from you.."

"Y-You really like me?"

"Mhm... But I'm probably gonna die from being on the streets, so.."

"Nope! Because you're going to live with me and my family, babe."


"Yeah!" She beamed, "Would you be my girlfriend?" A smile spread across her lips.

"Hell fucking yeah!"

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