47: Scott's Mother

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Scott PoV

I looked up from my textbook when Mitch walked into our bedroom and closed the door behind him. He set the baby monitor on the dresser and ran his hand through his hair and announced that Arden was finally asleep in her crib for the first time since she was born.
"I know you're nervous, baby," I started, wrapping my arms around him as he sat next to me in our shared bed. "But she'll be fine. And besides, it's just a nap. Not like we're leaving her there over night,"
"I know.. I guess it's because Wes and I shared a room until he was two, so not having Arden here kind of worries me,"
"I know, but it'll be okay. She's asleep and doing just fine," Mitch nodded and I reached for the baby monitor before setting it between us and watching the screen. After a minute, Arden stirred, woke up for a second, and fell back asleep. Her face was towards the camera and she looked comfortable and happy and so I eventually convinced Mitch that we didn't need to be this hyper-focused on the baby cam.
He nodded and set the cam on the night stand before settling against my side. His head was against my shoulder and his arm was around my waist and it wasn't long before we were tangled in each other's arms as we watched a movie on the television screen that sat on the opposite wall.
His legs tangled with mine and I felt his cool fingers against the base of my neck before tilting my face his way. His brown eyes had me mesmerized and I was practically putty in his hands as we kissed.
I couldn't help but pull Mitch as close as possible; my arms around his waist and my smile growing when he laughed the same laugh I fell in love with so many years ago.
"You are such a teddy bear, Scott," he giggled, cupping my cheeks and kissing me again.
"You're so cute," I mumbled back as he squeezed my cheeks together. "Come here," I pulled him close and we got comfortable again, in each other's arms, until the doorbell rang throughout the house and successfully sent our daughter into tears.
"I'll get the baby if you get the door?"
I nodded, following Mitch out the door. "Got it."

Mitch PoV

Arden was finally changed and happy in my arms while we walked into the livingroom looking for Scott. I saw him standing in the doorway of our home with his arms crossed and a small frown on his face.
"Babe?" I walked up to him and rested my hand on his back, Arden asleep against my chest. "Who's at the door-"
I raised an eyebrow when I saw a dark haired female version of Scott standing in size-too-big clothing and sunglasses that sat on her head.
I immediately noticed the similarities and I wasn't shocked when Scott told me that this was his mother. When I met Scott in highschool, I only briefly met his mother once or twice in passing. He always told us that it was because she was working, but now knowing that her absence was because of her addiction to drugs, was as heartbreaking as it made sense.
Scott was always so broken during highschool. Sure, he'd smile and laugh and cracked jokes every other day, but it would be really heard to miss how often he slept at Kevin's house during the weekends. He would sometimes come to school with bruises and cuts but always played it off as an injury from football.
I wish I would have caught it sooner.
If I had known what was happening to Scott behind closed doors—
Her eyes lit up at the sight of the baby in my arms as Arden stirred and sniffled. "Is— is that yours, Scottie?"
Scott's jaw locked, "Yeah. What-" he cleared his throat and glanced away. "What— why are you here?"


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