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*next day

I took a deep sigh as I was watching Jay and Carlos playing at the fields with the team.

"Wassup Mal" Doug said and sit beside me

"Hey Doug" I said

"Tomorrow is your big day" I almost forgot that tomorrow is really the day. I sighed "I'm still not yet ready"

"To be honest Ben felt the same thing as you, of course when he was been crown king"

"Yeah right, the day when my mom ruined it"

"Forget about what just happened last time"

"I better get going Mal" He said and stood up, he then leaves. Jay and Carlos went towards me

"How's your practice?" I asked, as the two of them were all been covered with sweat.

"Exhausting" Carlos replied "Come on, you boys need to change and eat some snack after"

"You prepare something?" Jay asked

"No, but we can just asked the cafeteria something for you guys to eat" we went back inside, the two of them changed as I went to the cafeteria.

"Is there any snack?" I asked
"Here you go" she handed me a tray, full of goodies. "Thanks"

I went to a table and waited for Jay and Carlos.

"There you are!" Evie shouted, she handed me her scratched notebook "What is this?"

"Take a look" I looked at the notebook as she says, wow this is amazing "Wow"

"I know right? I really did a hard work for it"

"Yeah I bet you really are" we two laughed

"What are you guys talking about?" Carlos asked, they sat down and start eating.

"Hey Evie how's my attire for tomorrow?" Jay asked as he was still chewing his food

"All of them are really ready for tomorrow, so no need to worry, besides I make it all fashionable"

"Where's mine? Can I take a look?" I asked

"No! It's a surprise! I actually changed a bit from the sketch I gave you"

"Mal! I'm so excited for you!" She hugged me as the boys were looking at us

"It really do seems like all of you guys were so excited while me, I'm so nervous"

"You shouldn't, at least your the Queen of Auradon" Carlos

"Hey, did you guys see Chad lately? I haven't seen him anymore" Jay

"I know right? I heard that Audrey needs his help because she was stuck somewhere" Carlos

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