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1 day to go and I'm really going to be queen, gosh I'm so nervous especially I didn't know anything about being a queen. I went to the garden as I was enjoying the fresh air, the smell of each flowers. I was also wondering about something, where is Chad? I didn't see him already, where did he go?

"Mal!" Jane called, I looked at her as she runs towards me

"What's the matter?"

"I just wanted to ask you about something"

"What is it?"

"Which color do you prefer?" She showed me the tab and there were different types of violet shades. I pointed the dark one

"I want that"

"Okay! Thanks!" She said and was about to leave but then I asked  "Why did you asked about the color I want?"

"Ohh it's actually for the coronation design"


"Yup! Anyways bye!" She said and leave, okay now everyone is busy for my coronation. Today I'm going to practice everything that I'm going to do during the coronation day. To be honest it's really hard even though it's just a practice, even though it's much harder when I really became a queen.

Evie's POV

After the class, I went back to the dorm, sewing each gown, checking if there's any damages and others. While I was checking on the designs I heard a knock from the door

"Hey" It was Doug and was bringing a snack with him

"Ohh you don't need to bring me one"

"Haha...it's fine, I know your busy right now especially it's really coming" I took a bite of the chocolate cake

"I know but I'm having fun in doing it" I said, I looked at Doug who's been staring at me

"What's wrong?" I asked "There's a chocolate" he said as he wiped it

"I'm really happy for Mal"

"Mal is really going to be a great queen, and I really could know that she will"

"How can you tell?"

"As you can see, she really do care about her friends especially Auradon even though she's not a princess still she really do care about Auradon" I really do tell that she is, that's why I really do love her as my best friend. I lean my head on his shoulder

"Hopefully she will make Auradon better"


Mal's POV

After all the doings, I felt exhausted. I took a break and take a sit.

"Your doing it well Mal" Queen Belle said

"Of course with the help of yours majesty"

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