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Tons of reporters keeps on calling my name. I smiled each camera that I will look at, this is so frustrating.

"Okay that's enough!" Ben said, I looked at him as he grab my hand and went back inside.

"I'm sorry about that" he said, geez haven't he realized that I already get used to it? Especially when my coronation is coming soon.

"Ben, haven't you realized that I already get used to it? It's fine" he hugged me

"I know" he planted a kiss on my head

"Ben, coronation is coming already"

"Oh yes, I totally forgot about that" he looked at me

"But of course they can't easily accept me as queen especially I'm a villain"

"I know but as soon they realized that your going to be a great queen of Auradon, they will going to like you" he kissed my hand "And I promised that"

I want back to our room, as Evie was busy in taking care of the dresses.

"Hey Evie"

"Hey Mal, can you help me for a sec?" I come towards her "Sure what is it?"

"Look at this, is this fine with you?" She said as I looked at the sketch of a purple gown


"Great! I can't wait to make it for you!" She said in excitement

"E, coronation is really coming" I said as I sit on my bed

"M, you should be happy and excited about it! Especially your going to be crown queen! Isn't that exciting?"

"Easy for you to say, what if something is going to happen?" She looked at me and went towards me as she held my hand

"M, don't think about that"

"But-" she put her finger on my mouth "Nothing is going to happen okay? Trust me"

I hope so

I went to my locker and got my stuff's inside.

"Hey Mal!" Lonnie shouted, I closed my locker and looked at her


"Aren't you excited about your coronation?" Great seems like they really are excited then me

"Yeah totally" I sarcastically said

"Oh come on Mal you should be! That's your big day!"

"I think so" she pat my shoulder "Don't worry to much okay?" I nodded

"Okay then, I better get going, bye" She waved at me as I waved back, I went to the restroom first before heading to class. I washed my hands and looked at the mirror.


I suddenly heard voices, calling my name

"Who's there?" I asked as I looked at the door yet nobody is there and nobody is answering, maybe it was just my imagination


I heard it again, without hesitation I directly went outside and head to class.

Evening came, Evie and I went to the boy's dorm, the two were playing but Carlos was been playing with Dude as Jay was playing video games.

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