Chapter 2: Pool Time

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Emma's P.O.V

The plane ride was so long. I had a zoo in my stomach, my leg was shaking, and I was so filled with nervousness and excitement. I really hope one of them falls in love with me. How can you not resist blue eyes, dirty blond hair, and my body (lol just kidding) but you can't resist Jasmine, her green eyes and that unique brown hair of hers. She's perfection! I wouldn't be surprised if Taylor Caniff fell in love with her. I really hope Nash falls in love with me though. I really love Nash. The flight attendant came by and asked if I wanted a snack and or drink. "Yes, may I get a Sprite and peanuts please?" I asked. She gave me my drink and snack. "Would your friend like anything?" the attendant asked. I shook Jasmine awake, "What?" She groaned then she jolted up, "Are we here?" She asked. "No, 1 hour left." the flight attendant said,

"Would you like a drink?"

"Yes, may I get a Coke?"

"Your snack ma'am?"

"Pretzels please."

The flight attendant gave Jasmine her Coke and pretzels and went to the people behind us. "I'm tired. Wake me up when we get there." Jasmine said. To be honest, I was pretty tired too I woke up at 3:30 a.m. so I decided to do the same. Jasmine was already out, cold so I put my head on Jasmine shoulder and fell asleep. *ding* "This is your pilot we will be landing shortly"

How long was I asleep!? Jasmine slowly woke. I check the time 7:02 a.m. "What hotel are we staying at?" Jasmine asked. "Starhill Hotel. Rated 5 stars by celebs. Magcon is 2 minutes away. You never know. Some magcon boys might be staying there." I said. Jasmine chuckled, we landed then went to baggage claim. We picked up our bag then went to the rental car place. "Emma.. you rented a Tahoe!? that's extra car space and payment we don't need!" Jasmine yelled. "Our moms our paying! Our moms gave us $1,000 dollars a piece for 4 days." I said trying to calm her. We got in the car and I drove, I'm only 16 but I have my drivers license Jasmine doesn't because her parents are really overprotective. "How far is the hotel from here?" Jasmine asked. "About 5 minutes." I responded. Jasmine turned on the radio she turned station to station until she found the one we liked. We were jamming out to The Way by Ariana Grande and All of Me by John Legend until we got to the hotel. "Wow! This is the place we are staying?" Jasmine said in awe. "It looks like the fricking White House." I said in awe. We pulled up near the front when two men in suits stopped us. "Your keys ma'am?" one asked. "Your bags ma'am?" the other asked. On the drone of their suits and hats it said Starhill Suites. Jasmine got our suit case out of the car and I gave the man our keys. I could get used to that everyday. We walked inside, it was like a palace. "Does the Queen of England live here?" I joked. Jasmine giggled, "Your room reservation ma'am?" The woman behind the counter asked. My mom got this hotel for us, I love her. "Elizabeth, Elizabeth Holmes." I said. "Your on the 12th floor, room 235. Would you like a tour ma'am?" She asked. Jasmine and I looked at each other, "Yes please." I said.

"So here, on the main floor is the breakfast, lunch, and dinner room is to the right."

"To the left is the movie room, if you call to the front desk you can reserve the whole room with a max of 32 people."

"Back here are the elevators."

Her walkie talkie on her belt loop buzzed. "Girls I have to go, but here is a map and your room key, have a pleasurable stay at Starhill Suites!"

Jasmine pressed the 12th floor button. "Do you wanna go swimming?" Jasmine asked, "it says here on the map that the main pool is on the 1st floor, the biggest pool is on the 10th floor." She added. "To tenth floor we go! But first we need to drop our stuff off at our room." I said. She nodded, then the doors opened. We went to our room, it was like a frickin house in there! Full sized fridge, flat screen TV, two king sized beds, a full couch, everything you can think of! "Let's change into our swim suits." I said. "Okay." Jasmine responded. We changed and off we went to the 10th floor. "This afternoon we have to fill up that big fridge of ours." I said. "Okay, let's find the nearest H-E-B or Walmart." Jasmine suggested. We stopped at the 10th floor and headed over to the pool. When we got in Jasmine bumped in to somebody. "Sorry." she said. I nearly fainted, it was Taylor Caniff.

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