Chapter Five: Work

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The next few days past by in a blur. Jared, thank god, hadn’t told our parents about the incident at school so they weren’t concerned but he had told me I’d been making new friends. They really wanted to meet those new friends so I was in a bit of a bind.

Maybe in a week or so I could ask Cassandra to meet them sometime… She’d joined me at lunch on Thursday and we’d had a nice conversation. She was definitely a lot like Katie.

Katie had picked me up that same Thursday after school and she’d taken me home with her where I’d been able to play the piano.

I really missed doing that and since I wasn’t always allowed inside the auditorium all the time after school I wasn’t getting  as much practice as I wanted.

I hadn’t seen much of Caleb but Shane said Hi to me every time we saw each other in the corridors. I think maybe Caleb was sick because after Monday he hadn’t been in school at all. Except that I saw him come in for swimming practice when I left with Katie that Thursday.

I was feeling really well because I’d seemed to really have made a friend and maybe two if I counted Cassandra’s boyfriend Shane and I had in fact got that job as maid at the hotel. The one I got that flyer from.

I was both sad and happy about not seeing Caleb at all that week. After that run in with Marley in the locker room I really didn’t need them to see me with him. Sad because well… I missed seeing his green eyes focused on me in class or during lunch.

I was on my way to the hotel now, Jared was again dropping me off before he went to work himself but I’d have to take the bus home because he didn’t know what time he’d be done today and he thought it might be really late.

I’d somehow managed to pull my unruly wild hair into a ponytail since it was required for work and already put on the work uniform that I’d been given when I signed the work contract.

Jared had been pissed about that, saying the skirt was too short and that with the matching blouse and apron he was afraid I’d be raped on the way home. I really thought he was exaggerating. I mean at school guys didn’t even notice me so I doubted the work uniform would change that.

I was early for work but eager to get started, someone would of course first have to show me the ropes but I was determined to do the best job possible. Maybe I’d get promoted early or get a raise, that would be really nice.

As I stepped inside the warm lobby air and made my way towards the desk to sign in and ask where to go to get started I fixed a smile on my face. I really would do this right and not be shy if I had to deal with other people or guests.

‘Excuse me Sir, this is my first day of work, where do I go to get started?’ I asked to the guy behind the desk, he had his back turned but I had the feeling the Sir part was a bit over the top.

Oh well…

The guy turned around and my breath hitched in my throat. Green, oh so green those eyes as they stared at my face in utter surprise.

Well wouldn’t you know HE worked at this hotel as well. Wait no, his name Thornleigh oh how could I’ve been so stupid? His dad probably owned this entire hotel chain…

It was quiet a really long awkward time as we stared at each other. I saw him open and close his several times, swallowing audibly.

Then scraping his throat: ‘Uhm… yeah right down that door on the left. Helen, she’s the head housekeeping will tell you what to do.’ He looked away quickly turning his eyes back to the computer screen that was situated on the desk, the dismissal loud and clear.

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