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Mariko & Misty:*in the same time*We have dares!^w^

All:We gonna die!

Mariko:No you are not!Well just Lui,Shu,Fubuki and Valt will die but why will see soon!*smirk evil*

Misty:We have 5 dares! :3

Mariko:And Fubuki,Lui,Shu and Valt are our unlucky ones!*smirk evil*

Fubuki:M-Me again!?Why!?T^T

Suou:*pet Fubuki's head*I'm sure is not that bad Fubuki-chan

Mariko:*laugh evil*Ooooo!No!Is bad!

Fubuki:Save me Shu-san!T^T

Shu:*hug Fubuki*I'm sure you will be ok!Well I hope you will be fine....

Fubuki:*hug back*This not halp me but still thanks!T^T

Mariko:And now the dare!

Misty:*laugh*Absol_and_Wolfy dare Fubuki and Lui to sing baby shark!

Lui and Fubuki:*in the same time*What!?

Mariko:You heard her!Sing!^___^


After the song end Fubuki hide his red face in Suou's chest

Fubuki:I hate you all!T^T

Lui:Grrrrrrrr!I will never make this again

Mariko:The next dare!

Aiga:Is from SakuKurenai and she say"I dare Lui to kiss Shu on the lips and for Shu to be Valt's and Lui's maid four 5 chapters!"


Shu:*have a very red face*W-What!?I will not be Lui and Valt maid!

Mariko:*a dark aura surrounds her*Shu.Don't.Make.Me.Get.The.Sword

All the others were hiding behind a couch, they were very scared of Mariko

Shu:*shakeing*O-Ok!J-Just don't get the sword!

(When Mariko says the sword you know instantly that things will go bad. This Japanese girl is also a ninja and she will beat your ass like Bruce Lee)

Mariko:This is the dress!*give Shu the dress*

Shu:T^T*get the dress and go to change*

After 10 minutes Shu come out.

Misty:*jump up and down*Awwwww!Shu you look so cute! :3

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Misty:*jump up and down*Awwwww!Shu you look so cute! :3

Lui:*smirk and nosebleed*I will like this >:)

Red eye:Hahahahahaah!You look cute Shu!XD

Mariko:*In her thought*Damn! I have to make my boyfriend wear a maid's outfit!*

Valt*nosebleed*Oh god!Shu you look so hot!

Shu:*is a blushing mess*I-I'm your maid-d Valt and Lui >~<

Lui:oooooo!Realy?*pull a little the skirt up and look at his panties*

Shu:*blush more*H-Hey!S-Stop!

Red eye:*he snaps Lui's hand and puts himself in front of Shu*Grrrrrrr!Look shark boy!In this book me,Shu and Mariko are brothers!So don't you dare to rape Shu!


Red eye:You are welcome*smile at Shu*

Shu:*smile back*

Lui and Valt:*jealous*

Lui:*smirk and whispers something to Valt*

Valt:*smirk too*Shu!Can you pleas get me a glass of water please*make puppie eyes*

Shu:S-Sure.*go out of the room to get a glass of water*

Lui:*look at Red eye*Look!Shu is mine!

Valt:*hit Lui in the head*Lui.

Lui:Owwww!Right!Shu is me and Valt only


Red eye:Look you little-

Shu:I get your water glass!*come in the room*

Valt:Thanks Shu!^u^*get the water glass*

Norman and Theodore:We like to see Red eye in a maid dress too!*smirk evil at Red eye*

Red eye:*hide behind Mariko*No!You will rape me!

Mariko:Gugarepu dare Lui to hug Valt!



Valt and Lui hug for a second then they pull away

Mariko:Lets continue!SakuKurenai is not done!Shu you need to kiss Lui and Valt on the lips!

Shu:*blush red*W-What!?

Mariko:Do it!


Shu come to Valt and he kiss him.Valt smirk and touches Shu thigh with his hand

Shu:*blush more*V-Valt!

Shu and Valt pull away

Lui get Shu by the dress collar and pulling it into a rough kiss

Shu:L-Lui!*push Lui away*

Lui:*get Shu by his hair*Don't push me agan!I think you must have to be punished ~ What do you say Valt? ~

Valt:*smirk*Yeah~He was a bad boy~

Shu:W-What!?~Waaaaaaaaa!*Shu is pick up in the brid style by Lui*

Lui:Let go Valt!

Valt,Lui and Shu go out of the room

Mariko:Well that was hot!


Mariko:Well!That was all!You can ask or dare us anything!



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