Part 10

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Its been a week since our marriage and Yo is busy. I was seated in my room boring.

"Your majesty, do you want something? You look bored" my servant ask

"I'll walk around" I said and stand up then leave.

I was walking around with all the servants behind my back. I happen to meet the princes

"Oh! Y/n!" Eun yelled, I smiled and approach them

"Let's have a tea, sister-in-law" Wook said I nodded and follow them.

We reach the room and we all seat. Wook ordered the servants to serve us some tea. While waiting we are talking something.

"How's your first night?" Won ask

"It's fine" I answer

"It's really fine? Nothing happen?" Baek ah ask

"Yeah, it's really fine why?" I ask

"Nothing, I thought you'll carry something from now on" Eun said I spit my tea.

"Yah! Eun! It's private, no one can ask things like that" wook said

"Sorry" Eun said and seat.

After the tea party, I go to my room.

"Ma'am, the king is here" said my servant

"Let him in" i said and stand up

"Have a seat" he said

"Why are you here?" I ask

"Just found out that you're bored here the whole time, why?" He ask

"I'm just bored, can I go on a vacation?" I ask

"Where?" He ask

"To the town, is there an empty house you have in the town?" I ask

"There is, I'll make them clean it first" he said I nodded

"Don't interact with someone you don't know, ok?" He added I nodded

"And if you see So, ignore him" he said I nodded again.

After he left the servants pack my things. I go out and saw that there's a palanquin. I hop in the palanquin and they start walking.

After Yo abandoned me someone treat me and let me live in his house.

"I heard that Queen Y/n will have a vacation in the town" Mon Jung said he is the guy who help me

"How did you know?" I ask

"It's all over the town, didn't you said you're waiting for her to come out? It's your chance" He said I nodded

"Where in the town?" I ask getting my sword

"To the king's house" he said I nodded and leave.


After Y/n leave the palace I go to the hall and saw them still talking.

"Is there a problem?" I ask sitting

"As you said So is dead but we did not find any body nor traces" Sok Mung said

"Never mind, he won't do anything forget him" I said they nodded.

I just arrived to the house. Why do I feel like I need to go out? So in my curiosity I change and go out.

"Ma'am, where are you doing?" She ask

"I'll go out for a bit, wait for me" I said and walk off without waiting for her respond.

I was walking around when someone grabbed me.

"Who are you?!" I ask

"It's me" the familiar voice said

"So?!" I ask he nodded

"Let's talk" he said and drag me somewhere.

We reach the mountain and sat at one side.

"So you're alive?" I ask

"Someone save me" he said

"Why did you bring me here?" I ask looking at him

"I've been waiting for you to come out" he said looking at me

"For now, hide first and don't come to the house especially when there's a guard. I'll make sure your safety ok?" I said

"But didn't we promise that I'll be the one to protect you?" He ask

"You can't yet and for now, I'll do it, ok?" I said he nodded


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