Part 9

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It was mine and Yo's wedding day. I was nervous as hell. The servants are giving me many layers of dress.

(Sorry for the dress, but it's traditional tho)

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(Sorry for the dress, but it's traditional tho)

After dressing they did my make up. I standby and wait for me to get called.

"Isn't this dress too heavy?" I ask barely standing

"But we can't change it, it's traditional also the queen's are wearing that too" my servants said I just nodded.

"Your majesty it's time" said the guy I nodded and stand up. They help me walk. I look at my surroundings and she's right everyone is wearing a formal one.

I reach the location where Yo is standing together with Queen Hwangbo.

After the wedding, there's a little party. Everyone in the palace is having fun except me.

"You look down, why?" Yo ask, actually him and I kind of get together

"Who would be happy? My dress is so heavy" I said he laugh

"Just an hour the party will be done" he said I nodded and stay seated.

After an hour, the party is done and  everyone is out, they all are drunk.

"Can we go in now?" I whined

"Let's go" he said.

We finally reach the room.

"I'll change first" I said but he stop me

"Just want to tell you, we need to bond sooner or later" he said I quickly got embarrass

"O-ok" I said but got shock when he start removing my accessories in my dress. I just remembered first night is a honeymoon thing.

He look at me directly in the eyes still removing my accessories. I start lifting my hands unbuttoning his shirt.

"Do we really have to do this?" I whisper

"We should" he said and lift my chin then peck my lips.

"I love you" he said and kiss me passionate I kiss him back and we reach the bed. He hovered on top of me still kissing me. I hug his neck and he did the same to me by hugging my waist.

I woke up still in Yo's embrace. He look so peaceful sleeping. I admired his face, how can he do such a thing just for me?

"Good morning" he said and peck my forehead

"Good morning, we should stand up" I said but he hug me tighter

"5 minutes" he said sniffing my scent

"Yah! I haven't shower yet" I said looking at him

"I know and I don't care" he answer

"King Yo! The empress is here" said Jimong

"You should dress up, I'll go to the bathroom" I said and stand up

Last night was the best Y/n and I just made up.

"Good morning"  I said and peck her forehead

"Good morning, we should stand up" she  said but I hug her tighter

"5 minutes" I  said sniffing her scent

"Yah! I haven't shower yet" she said looking at me

"I know and I don't care" I  answer

"King Yo! The empress is here" said Jimong

"You should dress up, I'll go to the bathroom" she said and stand up. I dress up and open the door.

"Where's Y/n?" Mother ask

"She's changing" I answer

"Remember I should have a grandson soon" mother said

"We did it last night" I answer sipping my tea.

"That's good,I'll take my leave first" she said I nodded.

Minutes later, Y/n come out wearing a hanbok.

"Why are wearing that?" I ask as she take her seat beside me.

"What do you mean?" She ask

"You're the queen now" I said

"I know, I'm tired" she said

"Was I too hard?" I ask she cough

"Why are you asking things like that?" She ask I laugh in her expression

"I'm just kidding" I said

"I'll go out first" she said

"Your new servant will show you your new room" I said she hummed and go out.


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