Chapter 18

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Who was your first crush in K-pop?


"Ugh, I hate rounds!" I declared one evening in the library. The already-annoyed librarian shot me a scandalized look at my loud outburst. I smiled sheepishly and leaned in whispering. "I mean, they're boring."

"Then don't go." Jinyoung suggested. We had spent the last two hours studying in a corner of the library. Or at least....trying to study. No, we were not kissing. I refuse to become one of those couples. Our time mostly consisted of Jinyoung trying to work for 2 minutes and then he would throw his pen in frustration complaining that he couldn't concentrate. I would argue that he shouldn't be complaining that when he hasn't even tried to focus. He would complain that I was too condemnatory for my own good (in a teasing way, of course) but I'd still demand an apology from him and we'd go back to studying happily. And the cycle would repeat itself.

These frequent interruptions weren't the only thing that was keeping me for getting anything done. I'd catch myself staring at him (when he wasn't looking). I'd closely observe the little crease that appears between his brows when he was thinking hard. Or how his cheeks were slightly raised that added to his perfect features.

As I've said, we haven't got much work done.

"I can't skip them. Madame Jung would know if I did that, plus Junmyun's also not here-"

"Why isn't he here?" He asked.

Shit, Mirae, you idiot. I almost slapped my forehead. I mean okay Jinyoung knew about Junmyun's secret but I still didn't want to remind him and tell him about the whole lawsuit. "Um, he's, sick, I guess." I stuttered trying to cover up his absence. Either Jinyoung didn't notice my hesitance, or chose to ignore it. 

"Well, do you want to come with me? God knows, you wouldn't be able to get even one assignment done without me nagging you." I suggested.

"I haven't had any assignment done even with you nagging me." Jinyoung pointed out, bemusedly.

I grinned. "True. So?"

"Nah, I think I'll pass. Haven't got enough energy left to wander around this whole place for nothing. But are you afraid doing 'em alone?"

Nothing? That's harsh, ain't I going to be with you?

Brushing off all hard feelings, I shook my head. "No. I'm okay doing them alone anyway. Besides, I do need to get away from you if I want some work done later." I smiled swinging my bag on my shoulder.

He raised his eyebrows. "So you're planning to lock yourself in a room whose location will be unknown to me after rounds?"

"Exactly." I said jokingly before winking at him.

He rolled his eyes shaking his head and removed my bag from my shoulder. "I'll take it back. See you in the common room."

I leaned in to kiss him on the cheek. "Bye."

Massaging my temples because my head ache was  starting to get worse, I began from the second floor though doubt that people would hit the usual snogging spots this early. If there's any moment where I regret being a prefect, it's the embarrassing moment when I walk in to a snogging couple, and instead of walking away quickly, I have to break them apart and punish them. No wonder prefects were never popular.

I turned a corner to find Chanyeol half way down the corridor with his eyes trained on a large poster-like sheet. I small smile made its way on his face though the minute I approached him, he quickly shoved the poster in his pockets. Since the past few weeks, things had returned to normal between us. Though I wouldn't lie that sometimes when he's standing too close, my stupid mind starts wondering about that night but on the whole, the situation was under control.

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