chapter 1

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David Johnson: 27 years, the first born, works as a director in his parents company, have a kid. Takes care of his brothers, after the death of their parents in a plane craft. Calm and understanding.

Oliver Johnson : 25 years old, second born, works a lawyer. Takes care of his young brother and his son, have a kid. . Loving and kind but can be harsh when it comes to education or discipline.

Zack Johnson : 20 years old. The youngest among his brothers, not married no kids, works as a doctor. Loving and caring. Tampered.

Dylan Johnson : 16 years, in high school, loves his dad and uncles, also loves his cousin. Hate frank for some certain time. Very hyper and loves sports. Also loves pranks often get in trouble.

Tristan Johnson : blond with blue eyes, 15 years old, in high school. Intelligent loves books, very calm, when he gets angry he can kill a dragon. 😂

Frank Johnson : An orphan adopted by Zack Johnson, very stubborn and rude, have no feelings or emotion for anyone. Because of his tragic pass, he is traumatized and swear not to care or to love.

There are others people in the story too.

What is frank tragic pass ?
Read further to know secret and enjoy. Tnx for looking up to my story.

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