the one with the tea

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Cassie had barely waited for the car to stop in her best friend's driveway before she jumped out, nearly causing her brother a heart attack.

"When I die," Felix shouted to her, "I'm leaving you nothing! Everything goes to Changbin!!" As if on cue, Changbin approached Felix from behind and pushed him toward the open front door. On the couch in the far corner of the living room, Cassie and Yeji sat huddled together, exchanging secrets and tea. Yeji's mom walked in and wrapped both Changbin and Felix in a bone-crushing hug.

"Good morning, Mrs. Hwang," Changbin choked out, "Please let us go. I think my lung popped." She playfully swatted his shoulder and shook her head at his joke.

"Oh, and boys," Mrs. Hwang started, "Hyunjin is downstairs in his room, and if you're trying to wake him up you'd better be ready to fight because he's in a bad mood. He came home really late last night."

The boys thanked her before they walked down the stairs and into Hyunjin's room. After 40 minutes of shouting and beating Hyunjin with pillows, he finally pushed both boys off of him and got out of bed. Hyunjin looked through his closet, and his friends sat on the edge of his bed waiting for him. When Changbin snickered at his friend's outfit indecision, Hyunjin responded only with both middle fingers.

"Christ," Changbin scoffed, "Who pissed in your corn flakes? You're being a dick today."

"You know what they say," Hyunjin mumbled, still half asleep. "You are what you eat." He suddenly felt a little more awake when Felix screamed. He gave Hyunjin a disapproving look as he sputtered trying to hold in his laughter.

Changbin moved a bit to his right and dramatically wrapped his arm around Felix. "Son," he said, faking an old man's voice, "Your mother and I are very disappointed in you." Normally Hyunjin would've loved that joke. But he didn't even blink.

Felix took a deep breath, trying to gather the courage to ask Hyunjin what was wrong. But before he had a chance to speak, the door flew open.

"Yeji! How many times do I need to tell you that you need to knock before entering someone's room?!"

She just shrugged.

"I'd bet it was little Casserole's idea to come in here and try to scare us," Felix complained. "She always does this to me at the worst times."
With a grin, Cassie took a step further into the room. "I'm gonna ignore that horrible nickname; I'm too excited to waste my energy on you. But while we're on the subject of me walking into your room at the worst times,I do want to tell Hyunjin something interesting."

Felix stared at her and mouthed the words I'm gonna kill you. Cassie, of course, ignored her brother and resumed her little 'tea party' (aka exposing felix and then laughing about the tea being spilled and felix being humiliated).

"I don't know what the hell happened, but earlier today I walked into Felix's room and found these two morons eating each other's faces. Y'all are gross. I just figured Hyunjin would be in the mood for some hot tea since it's a part of your running joke." Cassie flipped her hair over her shoulder and took a seat on Hyunjin's bed, waiting for the drama to unfold.

Exasperated, Felix stammered, "Yo-you're a liar, Casserole. And you do-don't have any idea what you're talking about anyway." He fidgeted with his sleeves, avoiding eye contact. "Stop telling people things that aren't true. Changbin and I didn't make out, you just want blackmail on me."

"Ok, maybe you didn't actually do anything, but you were about to!" She tried to defend herself.

Felix looked at the ground hoping to avoid letting anyone see how flustered he was and how red his face had become. "Nope."

"Fine, then you wanted to do something! Or should I say someone?!" She pushed Changbin's shoulder before rolling off of the bed, laughing.

"I swear to God," Hyunjin growled, "Yeji I will shave off your eyebrows if you don't leave this room immediately." Once the girls had left, Hyunjin announced to his friends , "Since I feel like a trash fire today, I'm making you guys come with me to do something fun. We're going to a nightclub!"

Felix choked on air. "Oh, hell no."

a/n: to anyone who saw my first author's note when i published this at 2am, i'm so sorry. it looked like i stepped on a keyboard and hit send. i couldn't even tell what half of it was supposed to say

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