“yeah, sure but the song is shitty.”

“i need an explanation on why you think that song is crappy.” i confronted her.

“it sucks.” sabrina began as she crossed her arms. “i mean, who would like that old song? it sounds so stupid and cliche. also, freddie mercury is gay.”

“first of all, freddie mercury is bi. yes, he dated a guy so what? it's his life.” i corrected. “second; excuse me, even though all those old songs sound cliche, at least their lyrics are way more meaningful than those new songs that you're listening to right now.”

“whatever,” sabrina shoved my elbow too hard, making me drop the music sheets that i've printed.

i sat down on the floor then started picking up all of them and compiling them.

“do you need help?” lucas slouched down then took the other music sheets that were on the floor.

“thanks, luke.” i sighed.

after fixing all of them up and stacking them, lucas took one of the music sheets.

“might be needing this, just in case.” lucas chuckled as he walked away.


while all of us were lined up, callie and amy started giving us music sheets.

“that will be our song for the performance.” janine announced as i started reading the piece she gave.

“báilame como si fuera la última vez, y enséñame ese pasito que no , un besito bien suavecito, bebé?” lucas read. “do i have to take duolingo to pronounce this correctly?”

“taki taki, seriously?” i questioned as i scoffed. “janine, you know better than this. you've got to be kidding me. do you even know the meaning of this song?”

“i rewrote the rapping part, don't worry.” janine replied but i bursted out.

“still!” i exclaimed, almost making my voice crack. “look, i know you want to wow the audience and stuff but taki taki? come on!”

“it's upbeat.” sabrina added.

“taki taki is about sex, for pete's sake!” i explained. “also, most of us will just hum in the whole song. our performance would sound plain boring.”

“and who gave you the right to express your opinion?” sabrina glared at me. “what do you know about performing?” she hissed as she went towards me.

“possibly more than yours.” i spat back.

“y/n has a point.” aidan added. “plus, we didn't even agree with this.”

“most of our audience will also be our parents. if they found out the meaning of the song, we're all doomed.” another student continued.

“i think queen's somebody to love sounds way more better than taki taki.” lucas stated. “also, it'd sound more memorable for us after graduating.”

“no, we will be singing taki taki whether all of you like it or not!” sabrina shouted.

“then we'll be leaving now.” the students started walking out, making me hide through them.

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