Part 2

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Rosé's POV

"I'm finally in a relationship with Exo's Kai." Jennie-unnie said as she squealed in excitement.

I was shookt by what she did tell us. But what made me more shocked is when Lisa hugged Jennie. Even Jennie-unnie was shocked towards her action.

"Oh my gosh! Finally! Congratulations Nini!" She said happily. "We should celebrate that! Go, call out Kai and his friends, we will be having a party tonight!" She added excitingly and she rans off the the wireless phone and started calling someone to order some foods.

I looked at her worriedly, she's still smiling widely while on the phone.

This shouldn't be your reaction Lisa.


After an hour, the foods that Lisa ordered arrived. She already decorated the dorm, I don't know where the heck did she find those decorations though, she went outside and returned with those.

She did everything by her own, leaving me, Jisoo-unnie, and Jennie-unnie jaw-dropped on how she fastly and beautifully made everything.

"Done!" Lisa exclaimed after she puts down the cups in the table. "Where is Kai and his friends Nini?" She asked Jennie.

And as if on cue, the doorbell rang, Jennie-unnie stood up and open the door revealing Kai, some of the Exo's members, and some other group's members that relatively close to the couple or to us personally. Jennie abruptly enveloped Kai into a hug and the latter kissed her on her forehead.

My gaze fell into Lisa, she still have that wide smile on her face.

"Come on, get in! Let's get this party started!" Lisa said as she turned the speaker on that blasted an upbeat and happy music which made everyone exited and started dancing.

I just kept myself in the corner, watching everyone as they started to get wild as the night comes deeper, some are eating, dancing or singing, others are drinking and so is Lisa, I noticed that she's been drinking since the party started, I once tried to stop her coz she seems drunk already but she just laughed at me and said, "Don't worry chipmunk, I'm not drunk, and it's Nini and Kai's congratulations party, we should drink and be happy!" then she left to continue dancing and drinking.

After some moment, Lisa struggled to climb up to a chair, almost falling, obviously drunk, luckily D.O get a hold of her, after mouthing thank you she signaled the person who's near to the speaker to lower the music down which happened to be Irene, then she cleared her throat before speaking.

"Hi everyone! First of all I just wanted to thank you everyone for coming to this party for our dearest friends Jennie and Kai who happened to finally get into relationship." She said, surprisingly not slurring with her words, everyone cheered.

"Second, to Kai, bro, I know that my Nini is on the safe hands, I trust you that you would give her the world, everything that she deserves to have. I trust you that you wouldn't hurt her, that you will always be there for her all through times. Please take care of my Nini, okay?" She said that to Kai with a sincere smile and Kai nod at her then raised his hand as if implementing that it was a promise that he'll take care of Jennie.

"And lastly, I just want to say to Nini that I'm very happy for you, really." She smiled sweetly and looked directly at Jennie which is sitting next to Kai with his hands around her shoulders. "You know that it is all I always want you to be, safe, contented, smiling, laughing, happy, and finally Kai has given you all that." Her wide smile never leaving her lips. "I want you nothing but the best, and I will do everything just to give you that best. I love you so much Nini, not just me but also Jisoo-unnie and Chaeng."

I can't stand it anymore, I stood up and walked towards her. She was about to say something again when I cut her off,

"The fuck!" I shouted that left everyone agape, I never do cursing but the situation is so fucked up. I pulled Lisa's hand then drag her outside our dorm, not minding the cold that greeted us when I opened the door, I struggled on dragging her because she's too drunk, I think she was about to faint when she was giving that damn speech but I just continued to drag her somewhere.

I brought her to a private park near our dorm, it was late that's why there's no one there beside us.

I suddenly stopped when Lisa harshly got her arm from my tight grip.

"What was that about huh Rosé?! I was in the middle of something out there! I wasn't done expressing on how happy I am with Kai and Jennie's relationship! I wasn't-", she shouted at me but I cut her off again by hugging her.

"Shh, you can cry now." I softly said.

And as if I turned a switch on, Lisa let out the tears she had been hiding all day long, her body softened and she completely cried her heart out as if it was her last time, she sob continuously.

I've always known that Lisa is in love with Jennie-unnie since trainee days. Like, who wouldn't noticed that? She's treating her so differently. Lisa is naturally a caring person but when it comes to Jennie-unnie, she was so extra, as if she was a Queen that she had to serve everything she please. You can definitely see the love whenever she looks at her or she holds her, and I am quite angry at Jennie-unnie for not noticing Lisa's efforts.

"Why? Is my efforts wasn't enough? What more should I need to do to make her notice me? Now that she had Kai, I couldn't do anything anymore and it hurts me Chaeng, it hurts seeing the one you love in someone else's arms, it fucking hurts like hell." She whispered under her sobs and tears.

I don't know the exact words to say that could help her lessen the pain, instead I hugged her tighter to make her feel that she is not alone, that she have me no matter what.

After that break down, Lisa was obviously tired, we were finally sitting here on one of the benches in the park, Lisa is leaning on my shoulder.

"What do you want to do now?" I softly asked Lisa as I brushed her hair.

"I want to escape Chaeng, I want to go far away from her." She silently said, with a lone tear fall from her eyes.

I sighed, "Okay, don't worry, I'll take you away from her."

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