chapter 41

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Rosie pov:-


"Yes, meredith, this woman doesn't look exactly like her but some of her features looks just the same", he said tracing the unknown woman's picture.

"When was the last time you saw her?", I placed my hand on his shoulder, he turned towards me a held my both hands in his own.

"I don't remember, when my parents came to call me back, that was the last time I saw her. She promised that she will visit me but she never did. I tried to search for her but she disappeared without a trace", he sighed. He looked tired and exhausted. His eyes were red and the dark bags under his eyes proved that he didn't sleep this whole week.

"Do you think that this woman is somehow related to Meredith?", He grew silent, staring at the picture.

"Maybe or may not be", he sighed, and turned around to look at me.

" So what do we do now?", I asked moving to sit on the bed. I kept a hand on my baby bump and rubbed softly.
Edward looked at my hand for a brief moment before looking at me.

"We don't but I do, and the first thing is sending you somewhere safe" I looked at him in confusion.

" What do you mean somewhere safe? If you come with me then who will look after the kingdom?", he came and sat next to me, he took both of my hands in his and gave them a soft squeeze.

"I'm sending you to my sister's place and I'm not coming with you. This arrangement is till you give birth to our child", he said softly placing his hand on my stomach.

" No I'm not leaving you alone and I'm safe here with you than somewhere far ", I swat his palm away from my stomach and stand up.

"Its for the safety of the baby and you rose, with the war coming up its for the best", he said raising his voice.

"So you think sending your pregnant wife alone to some place is safe?", angry tears welled up in my eyes.

" I'm sending my best warriors with you and your maids also",

"But they are not you, I want to wake up with and end my day with you, I want you to protect me not your warriors, I want you to be with me not my maids", the welled up tears finally fell on my cheeks. His eyes softened at my tears, he walked towards me.

" Rose, love, its for the best of you and our child, I'll try to visit you as much as I can, please understand my love, its for the best", he said softly, holding my face in his palms and slowly wiped my tears. But it made me more angry.

"Who are you to say what's best for me?", I yelled at him, pushing him away from me, he stumbled, taken back at my sudden outburst. His sullen face changed to angry.

"I'm your husband and your king, you listen to my order, I want no more discussion on this rose, your leaving tomorrow and thats final", he said angrily raising his voice again, he held my shoulder in a wise grip, leaving bruises for sure.

"you don't want me anymore, right? That's why your sending me away, so you can happily be with your whores", I struggled to get out of his grip but he tightened his hold.

"Do you even hear yourself? Why can't you understand that I'm doing this for your safety, do you think its easy for me to send my pregnant wife far away from me? Its hurting me like its hurting you. Even I want my day to start with you and end with you. Do you understand how difficult it was for me to sit next to you waiting for you to open your eyes, it kills me every time to see you hurt, to see you cry, do you know how much it hurts to know you don't still trust me completely, that you still doubt my loyalty, you don't understand my pain, do you?", He pushed me back and strides out of the chamber without a single gaze back at me, the door slams shut.

I fell on my knees, sobbing in my hands, I was hurt by his words, I know he is doing for the safety of the baby and me. But cannot he understand that I want to spend my pregnant time with him, why doesn't he understand that. We both were in pain.

I looked up when I heard the sound of the door opening, I expected it to be Edward but no it was siya. She came rushing towards me when she saw that I was kneeling.

"Luna, Please calm yourself, crying is not good for the baby", she said softly, rubbing my back soothing. I hiccuped and nodded. Siya helped me stand up, I walked towards the bed and sat down. Siya gave me a glass water, which I gulped slowly.

"I'm sorry Luna, that alpha is sending you away but we all feel that its for the better, the stress is not good for the baby", she said cautiously scared of my reaction. But I stayed silent. I leaned my head on the bed post and turned towards the window.

"Luna, do you want something?", I didn't reply but just closed my eyes, I was not angry at her but I just wanted to be alone. I shook my head in no, I heard her sigh.

" If you want anything, please call for me", I nodded with my eyes closed. After a minute I heard the door close. I slowly opened my eyes and looked at the moon. I wished for the time to stop so tomorrow can never come, so I would never leave. I was not scared of leaving but scared of leaving without Edward. Why can't he understand my pain. I don't want to be away from him.



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