Crime Scene

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The day was filled with heavy fog and an annoying mist settled over the city making it humid and damp outside. It was uncomfortable to walk without feeling like you were suffocating but it was worse when you just stood there doing nothing. Something was very off about the day and no one at the scene could pin point why or what is was but it was an unsettling feeling. This wasn't the first time something like this happened, yet everyone at the moment acted like this was their first and that made agent Jean furrow her eyebrows as her gaze examined her surroundings.

Agent Jean removed her black sunglasses and placed them in her chest pocket. She turned her body a full three-hundred sixty degrees but she did it slowly taking the time to examine every single thing that surrounded the crime scene. Softly she hummed to herself getting lost in her thoughts as she began formulating multiple hypothesis of what could've happened.

"This person wanted us to find the body." Agent Jean suddenly said as she began to walk towards the location of the crime. Her partner agent Dunalley glanced at her briefly before he scanned the surroundings himself. His thoughts on the other hand weren't nearly as elaborate and detailed as Jean's.

"What makes you say that?" He asked grimacing when he stepped in a puddle of mud.

"The forest stretches for hundreds of miles yet the unsub dumped the body a few feet away from the main road. The person who called it in said he spotted the body as he made the turn. Why take such a big risk unless you want the body to be found?" She responded stopping once she reached the corpse that was covered with a thick white sheet.

The smell of blood mixed in with the smell of pine trees filled the air. It was definitely musty and unpleasant but it was a smell that both agents knew far too well in the many years working the job.

"Could be inexperience or they felt rushed." Dunalley said reaching into his pocket and pulled out gloves putting them on.

"Inexperience or not, logically you know that this is the worst place to dump a body. There's something more to this." Jean said shaking her head as she bit her lip thinking how stupid this person was. She signaled for Dunalley to remove the white sheet over the body and he nodded.

Dunalley bent down and grabbed the edge of the sheet then gently pulled it down revealing a nasty nightmare in front of them. He visibly winced at the sight and furrowed his eyebrows releasing a loud sigh. Agent Jean tilted her head to the side and let her eyes wander all over the body. She's worked many cases over the years but this one definitely took the prize for most gruesome.

"How angry do you have to be in order to do such a thing." Dunalley asked feeling sorry for the person who had to suffer this.

"Very." Jean replied. "Whatever the reason we know it had to be really personal. This type of overkill is something out of a horror film."

"Which means that there was a lot of blood when they did this and yet there isn't much on the victim." Agent Dunalley added. He turned to look at Agent Jean with a surprised expression. "Did this sick bastard really take the time to clean the body?" He asked.

"Looks like it." Agent Jean said.

"Morning agents." Officer Patel said shaking hands with both agents once he approached them.

"Have you identified the body?" Dunalley asked reaching down to cover the corpse refusing to look at it anymore.

"No." Officer Patel said shaking his head. "Frantically, it might be hard considering the condition." He said eyeing the body sadly. "I've expanded the search further into the forest, hopefully we can find something else."

"Is there anything your men have found yet that could help us identify the person?" Jean asked.

"No." Office Patel answered disappointed. "We've been searching everywhere and there's no sigh no anything. What we do know is that the body is a woman based on the..." He looked down at the body not knowing how to phrase the words without insulting the person.

"We get it." Dunalley replied.

"Any recent missing person reports?" Agent Jean asked.

"We have five. We're going to give the body to forensics in a few minutes for a further examination." He answered. Another office came in a hurry and handed a clear plastic bag to officer Patel.

"We found this by the river." The officer said. It was a gold bracelet that was stained with blood. There was something engraved on it which caught agent Jean's attention.

"May I?" She asked reaching for the bag. Officer Patel handed over the bag and she began to make out the engraved words. "Forever mine. Hmm, let's get this to examined as well see if it's a match."

"Got it." The other officer said taking the bag.

"Please keep us posted on what happens." Agent Jean said.

"I will." Officer Patel replied.

Both agents walked away without saying another word. Their minds were spinning at the scene they just witnessed, who was that poor victim? And why were they murdered in such a way?

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