Chapter Nine

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Being friends with Nate was easy, we can talk about anything and everything, he was so easy to talk to and a great listener. We hung out often or he would come over for dinner sometimes if Shaun wasn't around. As soon as Shaun shows up, he would go quiet and make excuses to leave. But Nate was my best friend and if our friendship was going to work, then he was going to have to get used to Shaun.

"I want you and Shaun over for dinner tonight," I say to him slyly, giving him a side eye as we're walking down the street, coffees in hand. Unfortunately mine is decaf. Nate's eyes grow small and he looks down at the ground.

"Do we have to? You know we don't like each other," he replies as we take a turn onto the street of our building, a whining smirk plastered to his face.

"But if Shaun and I are going to be together, and you're obviously my best friend, then you're going to have to get used to each other. You never know, maybe you two will even be friends," I suggest, shrugging my shoulders. His smirk drops.

"Yeah I guess we are best friends," he mumbles before a moment of silence and his thoughtful face is on. "Fine, if it makes you happy." I clap my hands with excitement, trying not to spill my coffee at the same time.

"Yay, oh my god I love you, thank you," I squeal. I wrap my arms around his neck and I hear him grunt and his breathing in my ear, the warm breath making its way down my back.

"If you get anymore excited, the babies just going to fall out of you," he laughs when we pull out of the hug. I laugh along with him as he puts his hand on my 4 month baby bump. We continue to walk up to our building and I see Shaun, standing outside the front door. I wave at him but he doesn't wave back. His eyes turn into a glare while his glance moves from me to Nate. I give a big sigh knowing that he doesn't like Nate but I was hoping tonight would change that.

"What are you doing tonight?" I ask Shaun before he has the opportunity to go off.

"What are you doing with him?" He ignores my question, wrapping his arm around my waist and pulling me into him territorially. There's a moment of silence between the boys who are staring at each other, Nate with his hands in his pockets.

"Shaun, calm down, we just went for a walk." I place my hand on his chest and Nate's eyes fall down to my hand and then down to his feet. Shaun remains quiet. "Nate's coming over for dinner tonight and you'll be there too right?" I ask Shaun, breaking the silence. He looks down at me in shock.
"What? No, he's not coming over and if he is, I won't be there," he yells. His face is angry. He will have to come if he wants to remain in my life. This means so much to me and he needs to understand that.

"I won't choose between you two. You're both coming tonight and that's the end of it," I snap back at him. They both look at me with surprise silently agree by nodding their heads hesitantly, the scowl plastered on Shaun's face. "Be over at 6:30 okay?" I tell Nate and he nods and walks through the door and into our building, out of sight. I turn around to face Shaun and he wraps his arms around my waist and pulls me in close to him yet again.
"I don't like him," he says, bringing his lips down to my neck and kissing it gently. The feeling is amazing and he knows I love it.

"I know but this means a lot to me so you're gonna sit there at dinner and enjoy it. But for now, we have some groceries to buy and dinner to cook." I pull on his arm towards the grocery store down the road. He groans before following me down the street.

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