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    So you've just finished reading Breach Point and you're feeling a little... empty, maybe? Lonely? Wishing there was more? Well, don't fear – I've put together this afterword to help ease you out of Clara's world.

    First, I'd like to thank you. There are millions of stories on Wattpad (literally), and you chose mine to not only start, but to complete (unless you're reading this before finishing the story – cheater!). I really appreciate you making that choice and sticking with it. I hope you got something out of the story.

    When I started writing Breach Point in the fall of 2013, I'd never written a book. All I had motivating me was a screenplay I'd written years earlier and the vague idea that, "maybe this could work as a YA novel." Clara was a 20 year old college student in the screenplay, so I knew there would have to be some changes if the story was going to work in book form.

    I went to a coffee shop and started writing the first chapter. I hadn't read the screenplay in years and didn't bring it for reference. I just wanted to work from memory and see how it felt. Writing about a sixteen year old girl was the most daunting part of the process – I didn't want any part of Clara's words or actions to come off as false, so I really focused on getting her as right as I could, especially in those early chapters where a lot of the story was internal.

    The writing felt like it was working, so I kept pushing forward without reading back. By the start of winter 2013 I had five chapters completed. I put them away for a month or so, and when I had some free time between Christmas and New Year, I pulled them out and re-read them. I liked what I wrote – enough to at least think, "This could work." I wanted to create a story that really took the main character through a formative experience in her life, so that's what I set out to do.

    But I also knew that with my job and other projects, the commitment it would take to complete a book would be huge. I needed something to motivate me, so without too much thought, I created a Blogger blog and put up the first five chapters. I posted the link on Facebook, and some friends read the first chapters and gave some encouraging feedback. I appreciated that early support – not everyone is open to starting an unfinished work.

    Now that I had an audience (though a small one) and an easy means to publish Breach Point online, I made the commitment to write and post one chapter a week. Some people expressed reservations about making a "first draft" public and suggested writing the whole book first, then revising before posting anything online. But I knew that the book was unlikely to get finished that way. And I also thought that having a screenplay as the basis of the story, and having lived with it for so long, would help me to keep everything together – even though it was technically a first draft of the book, it wasn't the first time I was working with the story and the characters.

   I wrote a very detailed chapter breakdown, which was modified throughout the writing process. I pushed on, and while researching publishing options, discovered Wattpad along the way. That gave me an even bigger push than my blog – Wattpad, as you know, has a enormous pool of readers. Suddenly I had an even bigger reason to get my chapters out on time each week.

    Both my Wattpad readers and the audience on my blog have grown steadily since I started on Breach Point. I'm hoping that with the book now completed, even more people will find it and give it a shot.

    So here's what's next:

   The published version of Breach Point launched on August 26th, 2015. It's available as an eBook from Amazon, iBookstore, Nook Store, and Kobo, as well as other online retailers/wholesalers. It's also available as a paperback through Amazon. Check it out:

(if the link above isn't clickable, you can just search for "Breach Point" from Amazon's search bar)

    To entice you into buying the book, I've added material to the published version to make it worth the price:

   • an epilogue to the story (think of it as an "after the credits" scene - or Chapter 44)

   • a prologue to the story that takes place in the 1980s

   • background material on the writing of the story

   • information on Brigantine Castle, the real haunted attraction (that really burned down in a mysterious) fire that inspired Breach Point

   • samples pages from the original screenplay

   • concept art that I created on for the project

   And if you do buy the book, please consider writing a review and recommending the book to friends. I've published through my own company, Plasmic Studio, and independent author/publishers like myself rely on positive word of mouth so we can get our works into the hands of readers.

   I'm currently working on the first Breach Point sequel. It's titled Breach Point: Infusion and it takes place eight years after the events of Breach Point. The only other thing I can say at this point is that it's darker than the original - much darker. After that will come Breach Point: Cataclysm and that will take place even further in the future from Infusion, and will be even darker still.

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Thank you again!

– Steve

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