Chapter 12

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* no one's pov*

Baekhyun walks into the office and sees Chanyeol and Sehun. He flips Sehun off and Sehun laughs. He sits next to them and Sehun grins.

Sehun- so how was last night?

"fuck you."

Sehun- I bet she fucked you.

"she did."

Sehun and Chanyeol laughs.

Chanyeol- don't worry it happened to me too.

"it's so embarrassing and gross."

Chanyeol laughs.

Sehun- did you go over Erica's house?

"yup and I spent the night."

Chanyeol- oh shit ok.

"we didn't do anything."

Sehun- why not?

"she just wants someone to cuddle with. She's not interested in having sex with me."

Chanyeol- and you're ok with that?

" yeah, I'm tired of having sex all the time and being treated like a boy toy."

Sehun- are you ok?


Sehun- do you have a fever?

"she really made me think about my life decisions."

Chanyeol- so you're going to quit this job?

"hell no it pays well. She makes me want to settle down."

Sehun- awe really?

"yeah but she did the strangest thing this morning."

Sehun- what?

" I told her she was beautiful and she just left."

Sehun- she probably didn't expect it.

" I don't know why. She's absolutely beautiful. "

Chanyeol- I want to meet her.

"hell no."

Chanyeol- why not?

"because, she's my client."

Sehun- but you had my client.

"yeah and she fucked me in the ass."

Sehun- you weren't turn on by that?

"what straight man would?!"

Sehun- you trippin Baekhyun.

Chanyeol- Baekhyun, you're forgetting something.

Sehun- what?

Chanyeol- it's your daughter's birthday.

"oh shit!"

Chanyeol- you better act like you remembered.

"right right!"

Sehun- just take her out.

" I will."

Sehun- have fun.

Suho walks in and Baekhyun stands up.

"I'm so sorry boss but I have to leave early today."

Suho- that's fine just come later. You have a client tonight.

"ok I'll be back."

Suho- bye.

"bye boss!"

Baekhyun runs out and Suho looks at Chanyeol and Sehun.

Suho- you're going to hell in a hand basket for sending that boy to that bitch's house.

Sehun- hey if I have to get fucked in my ass, he does too!

Suho- I can't with you Sehun.

Suho walks back into his office.

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