Chapter 11

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* no one's pov*

Next Morning....

Baekhyun wakes up and smells breakfast. Erica walks over with breakfast and sits it on the tv stand.

"good morning sleep beauty."

Baekhyun- morning.

"how was your rest?"

Baekhyun- it was ok. What time is it?


Baekhyun- that late?

"that's late to you?"

Baekhyun- yeah.

Baekhyun yawns and stretches. Erica scrutches her nose and covers it.

"I'm so sorry Baekhyun but you stink."

Baekhyun- wow that made me feel so good.

"stop being so sarcastic. Take a shower."

Baekhyun- I don't have an extra set of clothes.

" I still have some clothes from Lay. I was just about to burn them but looks like you need them."

Baekhyun chuckles and takes off his shirt. Erica looks at Baekhyun's back and gasps. All she sees are scratches and whip marks.

"oh my god Baekhyun!"

Baekhyun- don't worry about it.

"I didnt know it was like that."

Baekhyun- told you rough night.

"doesn't that hurt?"

Baekhyun- it does but you get used to it after a while.

"I feel so bad."

Baekhyun- it comes with the job.

"It isn't right Baekhyun."

Baekhyun- I'm fine Erica, ok?

Erica sighs and walks upstairs. Baekhyun eats his food and groans. Erica walks downstairs with Lay's clothes and hands them to Baekhyun.

Baekhyun- thanks.

"need any help?"

Baekhyun- y-yeah.

Erica wraps Baekhyun's arm around her shoulders and helps him up. She walks him upstairs and walks him into the bathroom.

Baekhyun- you have a clean ass bathroom.

"ha thanks. I do interior design."

Baekhyun- wow.

"yup that's how I gets mines."

Baekhyun- good to know. I can handle it from here.


Erica lets go of Baekhyun and he falls down. Erica gasps and helps him back up.

"seriously, what the hell happened last night? Why can't you walk?"

Baekhyun- I refuse to talk about it.

" just relax Baekhyun ok? I'll help. I'll get the towels while you get in the tub, ok?

Baekhyun- ok.

Erica walks out and Baekhyun takes the rest of the clothes off and gets in the tub. Erica walks back in with the wash cloth and towel.

"how about we turn on some music?"

Baekhyun- I don't mind.

"ha ok."

Erica turns no the radio and it plays "Cater 2 U"

*play the song*

Baekhyun- want to join me?

"hahahaha I'm flattered but you need to relax. This is for you."

Baekhyun- Look I really want to thank you for helping.

"haha no problem. Now let's get you cleaned up."

Erica grabs the wash cloth and soap and washes Baekhyun's back.

Baekhyun- you know I can do this myself?

"I just want to help you."

Baekhyun- thanks.

"this is my favorite song."

Baekhyun- oh really?

"haha yeah."

Baekhyun smiles at Erica and she laughs.

"why are you smiling at me?"

Baekhyun- you're beautiful.

"you know what, yeah you can wash yourself."

Erica stands up.

Baekhyun- Erica, where are you going?

"I'm giving you privacy."

She walks out and Baekhyun sits up.

Baekhyun- Erica! 

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