Chapter 16

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Kuro just stares at the passed out girls in confusion and worry.
“Hey, Haru?”
“Are they okay?”
She looks at the passed out girls for a second and then turns back to Kuro. “They should be fine.”
“Good,” he says while standing up then stretches out his pale hand to Haruhi for her to take, “let’s go see what Hani-senpai is doing!”

She grabbed his hand but flinched a little from the frigidness of skin. Kuro pulls her up and they walk over to Hani. Hani hears them approaching and turns to face them. “Hey Haru-chan, Ku-chan, want to go hellfish shunting?” They both deadpan, “I think you mean ‘shellfish hunting’.” Haruhi then starts talking about how their might not be any shellfish when suddenly they’re surrounded by crabs.

Tamaki then picks up a crab and makes a lame attempt at a joke but then a centipede crawled out of it and the girls freaked out and ran away. Haruhi just grabs it with a deadpan expression and throws it away.

Kuro stared at her with an expression akin to horror and speed walks to her side. “Haruhi, what did that centipede ever do to you? How would you feel if someone just picked you up and threw you away like you’re nothing but trash?”

Haruhi sighs,
“Kuro, I know that you have a really big heart and all but it’s just a centipede. And besides, I didn’t kill it.”

“So as long as you don’t kill it, everything is okay?!? Like how my cancer is just fine as long as it doesn’t kill me, right?!? You need to learn to have compassion for other living things!”


“No! Don’t you dare speak to me. I don’t want to hear it. I’m going back to the house.” He then turns around and practically runs off to the beach house they were staying at.

Hikaru and Kaoru slowly approach the silently brooding Haruki and offer an uneasy smile. “Sorry about him. He’s really sensitive when it comes to this kind of stuff. We should go check on him though…….”They both said at the same time.

Haruhi nods silently and the two go running off into the beach house, in search of their younger brother.

Hikaru and Kaoru silently made our way inside the house. They eventually come to their room that all three of them were sharing and Hikaru knocks on the door lightly. “Ku, we know you’re in there. Will you open the door so we can talk?”

There’s a beat of silence then the sound of the door opening, revealing a teary eyed Kuro, holding his panda stuffies to his chest like a child. They all go inside and sit on their bed, Kuro in the middle, and snuggle up to each other.

“Why did you get so upset at her, Ku?”Kaoru asked in a gentle voice.

“Sh-she though-thought th-that just b-be-because she d-didn’t k-k-kill it, th-that it’s o-okay to h-hurt i-it,”he said hiccupping and sniffling, hugging his twin pandas closer to his chest.

“It’s okay, Ku. Let’s just go downstairs and eat the crab and shellfish we caught,”Hikaru said, trying to get his brother to stop crying.

“O-okay,”He said in a shaky voice. They slowly got up, Kaoru helping Ku stand, and walked downstairs to the dining area.

Once they got there, they quickly sat down, being the last ones to show up. They all sat in an uncomfortable silence until Hani broke it. “L-let’s eat!”They all slowly begin eating, Kaoru having to break the legs for Kuro since he didn’t have enough strength. But, they all stopped to stare in mild terror as Haruhi grabbed leg after leg and ate them angrily.

“L-look, I’m sorry for going off on you like that. You didn’t deserve to be yelled at like that and I’m sorry……...D-do you forgive me?”Kuro said/asked in an apologetic tone.

Haruhi stopped in breaking a leg and looked to Kyoya. “Kyoya-senpai, will you show me to my room?”

With that, everything stopped. You could literally hear Kuro’s heart breaking as both Kyoya and Haruhi excused themselves from the dining table and left the room.

Hikaru and Kaoru turned to look at their brother who had a steady stream of tears rolling down his face as he looked at his brothers with the most heart broken eyes.

“Wh-What am I g-going to d-do? H-Haruhi d-didn’t acc-accept my a-a-apology! Wh-What i-if I ruined m-my fr-friendship w-with h-her?!?” Kaoru held him as he started to hyperventilate, Hikaru switching out his cannula for his mask.

“C’mon, Ku. Just breathe for me. In and out, In and out,”Kaoru coached as he picked Kuro up like a child and carried him to their room, Hikaru behind them.

They slammed the bedroom door open and laid Kuro down on the bed, hooking him up to a breathing machine and wiping away the blood coming out of his mouth when he started coughing.

It was around three 0’clock in the morning when he finally settled down after countless hours of shots, puking, coaching, and breathing treatments.

Hikaru holding Kaoru as he sobbed into his chest in the corner of the room, Hikaru silently making plans to call the hospital to get Kuro’s room ready for him

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