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"Satori," Ushijima said, voice deep and rumbling. He was sat on the bench next to his teammate, hands clasped around a water bottle, and Tendou responded by tilting his head over so far it must have been painful and replying, "Yeeeesss?"

While he was glad to answer whatever his captain needed, he hoped it wasn't about the fake cockroach he'd hidden in Goshiki's bag, hoping to scare the young first year.

"I think I'm in love. How would I go about confirming this?"

Not even two metres away, Semi, who couldn't help but hear the conversation as he chugged from his water bottle, managed to lose half his mouthful of water through his nose and spew the rest across the wooden floor in an ugly sounding cough.

Ohira immediately swooped in to start smacking his back as viciously as he could dare, but couldn't stop himself from staring wide-eyed at Ushijima, who seemed blissfully unaware of the commotion he'd just caused.

Tendou found himself frozen, head still tilted over awkwardly, and could only say, "Yes?"

"I met a boy on the street."

Semi wheezed pathetically in the background, eyes streaming.

"His name was Hinata Shouyou, from Karasuno Highschool. He said he would beat me and go to Nationals."

"I-Is this related to the original question?" Tendou stammered, for once at a loss for words as he cast his eyes about the gym, hoping one of his teammates would come in and help him.

"It is." Ushijima took a deep gulp from his water bottle.

Shibaru, taking pity on Tendou's struggling, intervened with, "Do you know anything else about him?"

"He's only about one hundred and sixty centimetres high. With just a short run up, he can reach the same vertical jump as I can. He was in awe of the horses that are part of the Equestrian Course, and seems appreciative that the volleyball club has its own bus."

Shirabu opened and closed his hands for a moment, at his own loss for words and then asked, "Anything else?"

Ushijima looked up to make eye contact with the setter, face passive but eyes full of conviction.

"I like him."

Semi made a noise like a slowly deflating balloon and collapsed slowly and gracefully to the gymnasium floor.

Tendou muttered, somehow horrified and gleeful at once, "Wakatoshi, you might accidentally squash him."

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