Love goes Love comes (2)

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Here's a little more of the story about us. I thought Lizzy cheated on me with Tessa's girlfriend Aja. I confronted Lizzy but she got mad I would think that she would do that. Tessa was the one that told me this so, Lizzy got mad I believed Tessa instead of her. I broke up with Lizzy a few weeks later I started talking to Lizzy over those weeks. Also she asked me if I still liked her and I kept saying yes. A week later I asked her out but she told me she didn't know because I kept ending it. The next day I said maybe we should get to now each other more and she said sure. Another week later she said yes she would be my girlfriend so know i'm really happy.

Ok so this actually happened I'm in sixth grade we're close to Star test we're together and I love her I know it's to early to say that but I really love her.

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