15: A Lot of Talking And Some Thinking

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So my nephew is the son of a god. He's a mini god. I thought my life was freaky before with all the alien shit, but this is just so much worse.

And as much as I wish that these gods were just aliens- like Thor is- I have a feeling that isn't the case.

I just met Poseidon. The god my sister slept with. Ew-no-no delete thought- undo, undo! Better. Maybe.

I can't forget the power that I felt emanating from the god. If he was barely even using his power, which I think is the case, he is a god, without a doubt.

If Poseidon cared for Percy, I wonder what would he would do if Percy was taken or something. I wouldn't want to be anywhere near, that's for sure.

Moving on from the god thoughts for now, I turn to my teammates. We picked out our rooms, and we returned to that common room we found earlier.

"What are we going to do about SHIELD?" Bruce voices what we're all thinking.

"We need to smooth things over with Fury." Natasha says.

"How can you be so chill about that? You litteraly shot our boss." Clint says to her.

"It was just a tranq." Nat brushes off.

"Okay. What would we even tell Fury?" Steve questions.

"I don't know." Clint says.

"For now, how about we establish a way to communicate without being located? We can figure out what to say in the meantime." Natasha suggests.

"You can do that, right Tony?" Steve asks me.

"Yeah. Already thinking about it." My gears are turning, as people would say. I think my brain is much more refined than simple gears, thank you very much.


"Alright, I'll leave you guys to figure out what to say." Tony adds, and leaves the room.

We are quiet for a short bit, and take a few breaths. "Do we tell him the truth?" Bruce asks.

"I don't know." I rub my forehead. "I think there's more to this than we know."

"Clint. Obviously Percy talked to you. What do you know?" Nat inquires from her friend.

Clint sighs, and starts talking. "Our first conversation was kind of short- it was when we were hiding after the pranks. He told me that he thought he knew my great-grandfather, which was an interesting way to start that conversation.

"Then he told me a little about the gods. One thing to know, don't insult them. Umm... We talked a little more over the next few days. I uh, I asked him about the terrorism stuff. He said that it was all just a bunch of accidents- most of them involving monsters attacking him. So, I think we can clear him on those charges."

"Most of them?" Natasha asks suspiciously.

"Well, the cannon thing was an actual accident, not monster caused, as far as he knows." Clint defends the kid.

"That's encouraging." Bruce says.

"He talked a little bit about a camp, where demigods train. He said that was why he couldn't tell SHIELD about demigods, because he wants to protect them." Clint says.

It sparks a memory for me. "I think I heard him mention it, a ways back." I recall.

"Yeah. Look, Percy doesn't want government people to know, because he thinks that they might be pulled in for experiments or imprisoned." Clint says, worry evident on his face.

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