First kiss

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You've only been dating for two weeks now but it feels as if you've known her your whole life. Ash had invited you over to her house to watch a movie together, wanting to spend time with you without having to deal with a bunch of camera shoved in your faces. For the first forty five minutes or so, you were enjoying the movie but now it was as if you couldn't focus on anything else but Ashley.

She was enjoying the movie though. A comedy, you could tell it was one of her favorites. Every time she laughed you'd smile, your heart pounding in your chest when you saw her eyes light up every time. She looked over at you and smiled at you making you smile back at her. "Everything alright y/n?" Before you could stop yourself, you grabbed her chin in your hands and kissed her. Her lips were so soft and you could taste the mint from her toothpaste that was on the tip of her tongue. She kissed you back, her hands traveling to your sides before she moved one up to your cheek. 

You slowly pulled away a few seconds later, both of you panting and giggling. "Is it okay if I kiss you again?" She asked you, the question making your cheeks heat up. You didn't answer her with any words, rather by reconnecting your lips with hers. You kissed her like she was your oxygen. You never wanted the kiss to end.

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