Fate is a Funny Thing 7

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~*scene changes again*~

I was back at January 13th and this time Jayda was there.

"YOU BITCH! HOW COULD YOU DO THAT TO MY BROTHER!? I THOUGHT YOU WERE MY BEST FRIEND! I THOUGHT I KNEW YOU! WELL CLEARLY I DON'T! NOW DO I BITCH!? I HATE YOU! OUR FRIENDSHIP IS SO OVER! I DON'T EVER WANT TO SEE YOU FACE AGAIN!" and then she slapped me hard on my face. She slapped me so hard that I fell down. I thought so this would be the end of the nightmare cause that's where it really ended in real life but I guess so not.

She picked me up by my top and pushed me high into the air. I felt like I was flying and I was! I was wearing a white dress and I had angel wings. I could see I was in a clear white sky, it wasn't blue but white and my hair was flying everywhere and as I was trying to fly I started falling, my wings weren't there anymore. I was falling and I was waiting for the impact of my head and body on the concrete floor but instead of the concrete floor I fell on a huge foamy white mattress and I felt like a belt was being tied on me and that's when I woke up to see myself in a car with a man and that's when I bloody screamed!

Chapter 7:

Jacob's POV:

I know I saw Darelyn today in the concert. To even say her name hurts me. I saw her with this guy today. He seemed good. Good as in, girls who throw themselves at guys good. And that's not good. If I am making sense. Life really sucks at times.

I still don't get it why she left me. Of course whatever she told me weren't true, right? Darn it! Jayda's words are getting to me.


"You know Jay, I still don't get it."

"Get what Jake?" she said turning facing me.

"Why did Dare leave me." If it was possible, her face became dark, as if a shadow was covering her face.

"Jake! How many times do I have to tell you! She already told you the answer that day! God I don't even get why you don't get the things she said through that thick head of yours!" and that was just what I needed to get angry and throw all my anger at her.

"BECAUSE I LOVED HER JAY! I STILL DO! AND I KNOW SHE WOULD NEVER DO THAT! GET THAT THROUGH YOUR THICK HEAD JAYDA!" I sat up on the bed with a jump. I was fuming, my eyes were watery and I felt like punching something or someone right then and there.

Jayda gave a frustrated sigh, narrowed her eyes and sat up too, glaring at me.

"You know I loved her too Jacob. But that gives her no right to be forgiven. She hurt me and you. She was my best friend Jake! And she betrayed me!"

"How the hell did she betray you Jayda!? If she betrayed someone she betrayed me!"

"You really want to know how? Well then I will tell you how! She promised me that she would always be my best friend!! She promised she would forever love you! She promised she would never leave you or me!!! She promised that she would help me with getting a date for the prom and now she isn't even here to do that. She doesn't even ever stare at me. Jake, why did she do that? Didn't we give her enough love or something?"

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