Slender: The Man with no face

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Yes, this story is based on the horror game slender, have fun reading! :P

I have no idea where I am.  One minute I was putting myself to bed after a miserable day at University, the next I wake up in this forest full of dense trees.  I have no idea where to go or how I got here.  The questions running through my head make me tremble and nervous as I scan the area for any posing threats.  What I don't understand is, why would someone take me out here? Is it a joke? Sure I've done some bad things in my life but the last time I checked no one had a grudge on me.  I'm a bit of a loner anyway so I just can't think of any reason why I'm here.

As I look around, I find a torch and a smashed camera. I try to turn on the torch.  It flickers.  Then suddenly it becomes bright and I can see everything for about 20 metres ahead of me. I try to turn on the camera but it seems to be dead so I leave it where it is.  I decide my best option is to start walking and try find a way out of this eery, dreadful and dull place.

I slowly start to face my fears and move around the woods.  

After 20 minutes, I haven't found anything or anyone, untill I come across a large tree.  As I look up it I find childs toys, one of which is a Doll torn to peices. I can't believe what I am seeing. Where am I? As I move around the tree I found a sign. The sign seems to be written by someone agitated as the writing is in capitals and in the shape of sticks. It reads 'He has no eyes'. As I see this I instantly look around me to find no one but my heart is racing as fast as a cheetah.  

I decide to keep moving.  I need to get out. Somehow. 

After a period of time which seems like years, I begin to break sweat. The childs toys seem to be occuring more often and I've begun to try avoid them.  I see something ahead of me. I walk towards it, realising it is an empty truck. I look around catiously, expecting th very worst, but find nothing. As I come round the back, My eyes are glued to the truck as I see another note, this time saying 'He is always watching'. This makes me turn around instantly again, but I find nothing. I decide that I am not alone in this forest of happiness. 

I head further and further into the forest, the trees getting denser and denser. I try to avoid the toys  in the trees completely now. Then, I see it. Ahead of me are large gas cylinders. I have no idea what they are doing here. I decide to walk through them hoping for the best, but thinking the worst.  In the middle I find another note which reads 'RUN!' Again, I decide to turn around quite boringly knowing nothing will be there. But I see him, or it. Standing there. Looking at me. I freeze with absolute terror as I look at a man 3 metres tall with tentacles as arms, wearing a black suit.  But what fears me the most is his face, pure white with no eyes, no nose and no mouth. Yet I know he knows I am there. Ironically, I run. As fast as a can away from that monstrous creature. I won't dare look behind me.

I come up to what seems like an abondoned house, almost out of breath I decide to run inside. All that is in there is a tight group of corridors. I walk down not daring to look back.  Is this how it will end? Myself running away from what seems to be my greatest fear? I finally find a room which I decide to run into to, hoping that he won't find me there. But there is no door. It will just have to do. 

I lay in wait. A minute goes by. I think about myself dying, how long it will take for anyone to notice. No one cares about me anyway, so it won't affect many others if I die. I close my eyes for a second, wishing all that has happened to go away. I want to be back into the bed I thought I jumped into to.

I open my eyes. He is standing right infront of me. I try escape, but his oblivious face is too traumatising and I can't seem to move. He wraps his tentacle arms around me and my neck. My vision goes fuzzy. I try to scream but nothing comes out. My last sight, is looking straight into death itself. I can't breath and as I drift away his face is the only thing I can think of.



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