Chapter Thirty-one

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"Missions are always stressful," said Adrestia. "Especially when all you can do is wait."

"I don't like it," said Kita. "I don't like that I can't do something—anything, to influence the outcome."

"Angel," said Kimmy, "we've sent the very best on this mission. Highly trained and experienced people are leading it. We have to put our trust in them. They'll get the job done. I know you don't like waiting, but there is no other choice."

Kita sighed and sat on the couch. Kimmy sat next to her and put an arm around her.

"I know you worry about her," said Kimmy. "But, this is what she was made for."

"I just don't like not having control."

"I know it's hard, but it comes with our job. Come on. Let's go take a walk and get your mind off it." Kimmy pulled Kita to her feet. "Nicole, I'll take Dan with us, alert him when the teams enter the base."


Kita and Kimmy entered the wardroom after walking the length of the ship.

"The teams are moving up the entrance now," said Adrestia.

On the screens, everything was in monochrome green.

"Why is it green?" said Kita.

"Low light vision."

On most screens, there wasn't much to see. On Arcee and Ratchet's feeds, the sloping floor and walls were clearly visible.

"There's the pool," said Ryan. There were lights visible through the water.

Arcee and Ratchet used the ramp and emerged from the water. Crates in neat rows lined the area next to the pool.

"Decepticon spotted," said Ratchet.

"All team leaders, Ratchet and I will provide cover while you transition," said Arcee.

Kita ground her teeth as Arcee and Ratchet engaged the Decepticon. The three ducked and dodged around the crates exchanging fire. The SEALs and Anti-Decepticon teams engaged, many still wearing their scuba gear over their battle uniforms.

Two more Decepticons came from a passageway.

"They're drones," said Ratchet.

Commands from the squad leaders came through the speakers, directing the teams on how and where to engage. From the video feed, Kita couldn't tell what was going on. It was a blur of dark and flashing lights. Arcee's feed continuously rotated on various axes as she moved around the room. Ratchet's was the best. He stayed mostly stationary while firing at the Decepticons.

One by one, the Decepticons went down. Arcee went around and checked each one, blasting each in the chest to make sure it was dead. The teams regrouped, dropped their scuba gear, and prepared to move deeper into the facility.

"All teams report go status," said the mission commander. "Teams proceed into the facility."

With Arcee and Ratchet leading the teams, they moved down the passageway the Decepticons had come from to a room full of humans at workstations. The humans were frantically tapping on the keyboards.

"Anti-Decepticon Team one, clear the room," said the mission commander. "Save as much equipment as possible."

The firefight was one-sided as the teams killed the Illuminati personnel.

"Room is clear," a squad leader reported.

The teams' tech specialists hurried through the workstations doing their best to undo what the Illuminati started.

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