Chapter 15

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The front door to Keith's house closed as Krolia and a fluffy animal walked in.

"Keith! Come here and look at who I found!" Krolia shouted.

Keith came from the living room with Lance. As soon as he step into the dining room he was met with a German Shepherd Husky mix, jumping at his feet.

"Why hello." Keith laughed reaching down and picking up the puppy.

"I found him on my way out of work." Krolia explained. "He was lying under the car. I looked to see if he had an owner but he didn't have tags or anything, just his collar. I couldn't just leave him so I thought I would adopt him. You can name him if you want."

Keith pondered for a moment before coming up with a name.


Kosmo barked and licked Keith's face.

"I think he likes it." Lance said reaching over and petting Kosmo behind the ears.

"Why don't the three of you go and pick some things up for him. He'll need a bed, toys, food. You know what I'll make you a list of things to grab." Krolia said heading to the kitchen to grab a pen and paper.

"Mom do you have leash for him? Or do we still have the old one from Benny?" Keith questioned.

Benny was a dog he used to walk. Keith kept an extra leash at the house for him just in case.

"Right here and here." Krolia said handing the leash over to Keith and the list to Lance. "My wallet is still in the car. Just use my card out of it."

"Okay. We should be back soon." Keith said giving his mom a kiss on the cheek. "Love you."

"Love you too. Be safe!" Krolia said as the two boys walked out the door with Kosmo.

~time skip~

"We should get him this one!" Lance said pointing to the blue bed.

"No way." Keith disagreed. "We should get him the red one!"

As the boys continued to argue over which bed they should get the puppy, Kosmo decided that he was going to choose his own bed.

The puppy walked over to Red and Blue bed.

(Imagine the brown part there is blue!)

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(Imagine the brown part there is blue!)

Kosmo picked up a stuff dinosaur beside the bed and brought it with him as he put the dinosaur on the bed. Grabbing the bed with his mouth, Kosmo dragged the bed over to where Keith and his Soulmate were arguing.

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