Chapter 46: Settling

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Hello folks! While working on this chapter, we realized that we'd made a slight error in translating one of the characters' name - Shen Ming Zhu is actually Shen Ming Zhen. So hereby, editing the name in this chapter as well as the prevoius ones.


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The Shen fu was so big, it was indeed impossible to locate a little unnamed servant girl. Jiang Ruan's statement was not without reason, but it irked Shen Ming Zhen and left her at a loss for words. She quietly cursed Jiang Li, then glared at Jiang Ruan and sat down uncomfortably.

Jiang Su Su continued smiling unperturbed as she held her tea cup and sipped from it slowly. Her eyes quietly followed Jiang Ruan, whose expression had not flickered even for an instant. Tendrils of steam from the hot tea curled in front of her beautiful face, making it seem as if one were looking at a flower through the fog; her emotions were hard to discern. Jiang Su Su's heart lurched and she began to feel a general sense of unease. She could only pretend to be unaffected as she chatted gaily with the other young ladies around her.

Jiang Ruan's safe return meant Jiang Li had not gained any benefit. Shen Ming Zhen gestured for another servant to come over, who, after hearing her instructions, then left in a hurry. After a while, Jiang Li and Xiao Cui walked over to Jiang Ruan's side. Jiang Li's face clearly showed her fury as she stood right in front of Jiang Ruan and asked angrily, "How did you manage to come back first?"

Lin Zi Xiang could not tolerate the scene before her any longer. Without waiting for Jiang Ruan to reply, she said with contempt, "Whatever the situation is right now, Jiang fuis the great household of a government official. How can there be no sense of social standing, where the shu meimei dares to treat the di jiejie with such flagrant disrespect?"

Her words were not spoken in a soft tone, so the furen from official's families in the vicinity each turned to look at them. Jiang Li immediately turned red and her anger boiled over. She heard Jiang Ruan smilingly say, "It's nothing, we sisters do not observe that many social conventions, Li niang is just a little anxious, that's all."

Lin Zi Xiang frowned. "If this were to occur in my fu, that person would have been thoroughly disciplined."

This time, Jiang Ruan did not say anything and only smiled faintly. There was no trace of anger in her features, and so, some people were unable to discern her intentions. Jiang Su Su stood up and laughingly said, "What's going on? Da Jiejie has just returned from the rural manor and is not clear on some things. Third Younger Sister is still young, Da Jiejie need not be bothered by her."

It was not Jiang Ruan's intention that Jiang Su Su should use this situation to her advantage. However, now it seemed that something was Jiang Ruan's fault. Some of the surrounding furens and young ladies who were unaware of the inside story looked at Jiang Ruan with strange expressions, seemingly believing that Jiang Ruan had really been harsh with her shu mei.

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