Barry Allen- Love (c)

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Now a married woman and your first child on your way, you found it rather amusing to look back to when you and your now husband were nothing more than friends and you were both desperate to get each other's attention but were far too scared to actually admit your feelings for each other.

The two of you lie on the bed together, both of your hands lying upon your swollen middle, thinking of the child that the two of you should soon bring into the world.

"Oh, I do hope our child isn't as awkward as us. They shall grow old with barely a friend let alone anyone else in their life," you sighed.

"I don't know what you mean," Barry laughed, knowing full well that the two of you had been absolutely terrible at admitting your feelings to each other and tried to play it cool; it was anything but cool.

"Barry," you berated, playfully slapping his hand. "Everyday you went across town to get me a coffee from my favourite shop even though it was nowhere near your house or our work. I can understand you doing that once you got your super speed but before that you were spending nearly two hours travelling to get me a coffee on a daily basis."

"I wanted to see you smile," he said sweetly.

You shook your head at him. He was terribly sweet and always put everyone else before himself, even when he truly shouldn't.

"Week you certainly did that," you smiled. "You always make me smile, however why would you do it? You could have made me smile with your terrible humour, not putting yourself through hours of travel over a hot drink, you were terribly tardy without that excuse."

His cheeks became reddened as the two of you thought back to how hard he had tried to woo you whilst you were doing the same, both completely oblivious to what the hell had been going on with the other.

"I was kind of hoping you'd fall in love with me," he whispered.

"Well maybe not in the way you wanted but it was hard to hot fall in love with you Barry Allen," you smiled softly, leaning in to press a kiss to his lips. "You mean the world to me and I've loved you for longer than I was willing to admit."

"I've loved you for the longest time. It still surprises me to now be your husband when years ago I was just desperately trying to get you to talk to me."

With that the two of you locked lips again and held onto that perfect moment between the two of you.


Written by Charlotte.

Tumblr Request.

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