Te Amo <3 (A Spamano Fanfic)

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Te Amo <3

Prologue- An Aching Heart

Every time I felt like Romano was leaving for good he kept coming back. Either because he wanted to keep arguing with me or because he needed the company. I didn’t really know the reason. He just seemed to be acting more strange. Stranger than usual, that is. 

Today he showed up to me and picked my garden of tomatoes. He took about two baskets and ran off like they were his without even paying me. I yelled at him but when I scolded him he just laughed and said “You don’t own me”. In the case of that one statement he was right. I didn’t own him.

He could do whatever he wanted as the southern part of Italy but stealing my tomatoes? That was breaking the law! Now if I was a mean guy I would’ve gotten him into lots of trouble for that but I couldn’t stand punishing him. It just wasn’t in my gut to punish the poor kid.

Call me soft if you will but what is a country without emotions? A good country cannot rule on strength alone. They need morals and rules to follow by. Things that required not only a brain but a heart as well. A heart serves the people I always say.

I stared at the clouds, getting lost in their beauty. I always wanted to just reach out and touch a cloud but scientifically it’s impossible because they are just full of water. In the end you’d be better off sticking your hand underneath a faucet of running water to solve your goal.

It was a sad thing how dreams sometime ended like that. You try your hardest to reach it but then something stops you and you retreat to a lesser goal. In other words you gave up and settled for something less. I’m not justifying whether to stop following a dream is right or wrong but if you have a choice go for it. You may only live that dream once.

I say this from experience for a know how a dream can just slip away from you. My dream was to become a great father and look how I turned out to be. If anything I turned out to be a chore giver. Then again with a rebellious little Italian boy what can you do? I wonder if he saw me as a failure.

If he did he never said it to my face but everyone keeps secrets. Secrets that no one else knows but them and the items they seem to talk to inside a room. I usually don’t keep secrets but that was the one doubt I had hidden into my heart. I secret I feared to tell.

Just when I thought all my fears would threaten to strangle me right then and there I heard a gentle knock on the door. I opened my eyes from my daydreaming to go meet the visitor outside who probably didn’t see me out in the tomato fields. I slowly walked over, waving at the visitor. Whoever he was made no intention of waving back and glared at me with an expression that I couldn’t read.

“Ah, Romano what brings you here today?” I asked smiling.

“I need your help.” he said, face pointed toward the dirt.

“I think that’s the first time you’ve ever said that to me. I didn’t think your stubborn brain would allow it.” I joked.

“Quit fooling around! I’m serious!” he growled in response.

“Fine, fine. What do you need help with, Romano?” 

“I want to stay here with you.”

For a second there I thought I was dreaming. The first thing Romano did when he grew up was run away from me. Why all of a sudden did he want to stay here? Something must’ve gone wrong with his brother. Probably some border line issues.

“Look I’m sure if you talk to your brother you can work things out. He wants more than anything to help you.” I suggested.