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Chapter 44

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- Joe's POV -

As soon as I got out of the airport, I fought myself to not panic. I tried to make a short plan. First, get a hotel room. I signaled for a taxi, and one stopped in front of me. I got into the back seat, closing my eyes to try and stop the rushing memories of all the times Caspar sat next to me.

"Hello? Sir?"

I opened my eyes, "Yes?"

"Where to?"

"The nearest hotel." I answered while shutting my eyes again.

The car began to move. I couldn't stop the tear that slipped from my eye.

Finally, the cab stopped. I paid the man, and went out. I looke  up at the hotel nearly blinded by the blazing sun that beat down on me. I exhaled and took short steps towards the door. Each step I took, a new memory of Caspar entered my mind. I can't do this.

New plan: Search for Caspar all day and find somewhere else to crash. I didn't know where exactly I would find somewhere to sleep, but it sounded better than being in a hotel room, swarms of memories locking my brain in sadness.

But how the hell would I even search for Caspar? Ask people if they saw him? Go into random stores? This would take months. I sighed. Well, I better start anyway. It's worth a try.

I wandered down the streets of LA, slowed down by the immense heat. I was stopped multiple times by fans. I liked talking to them but I needed a break.

I lied under a wide tree, with plenty of shade underneath it. I turned onto my back, and felt my eyes closing. I didn't stop them. I needed sleep.

"I'm sorry Caspar. I'm sorry for being alive. I'm sorry." I screamed, running as fast as my feet could carry me, hoping to get away from his tormenting cries. His tongue as sharp as his words. My foot locked under a root, sending my body flying forward. I was flying for a split second before my body made complete contact with the ground. I had no choice but to halt as Caspar's fingers held me down.

"You can't help me Joe. I don't need you. I don't love you."

My body jolted up as I realized it was just a dream. I couldn't help but be shaken from it all.

I looked up. The sun sparkled through the gaps of the various shades of green leaves.

"It's not good to look at the sun." A male voice with a clear British accent announced, "Even through the leaves."

"I know." I responded, quietly putting a hand against my forehead above my eyes to block the sunlight. I looked up at who spoke.

"Hmm?" He hummed. A man who looked about my age with short brown hair and eyes almost the exact same color stared down at me. His lips curled into a kind smile.

"I know." I repeated, louder this time.

"Are you Joe?" He asked bending down to sit in front of me.

"Yeah," I answered warily. Who was this guy. I didn't want to be rude though, it was highly possible he knew me from YouTube.

He laughed, "Oh finally! I'm a friend of Zoe's. She sent me a photo of you and asked me to find you and help you out. She told me the just of the story. So I assume you know where Caspar is staying right?"

"Of course," My tone was  almost defensive. Then I let out a small sigh, "No. No actually I don't."

His smile disappeared, a surprised expression replacing it, "Well, I guess we better get searching then." He stood, and I followed his lead.

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