Bailey Song

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Ever been in love or even had a crush? Not me, never been in love no one has caught my attention enough to develop a crush.

Guys ask me out, but I just don't see me with them. I'm picky. My best friend says I'm crazy cause the guys are hot in her eyes. But in mines, they're just not what I want.

I want someone different. Passionate and just someone who will treat me right and make me feel butterflies when I see him. Make me blush or get that cheesy smile after talking to him.

"Bailey, you're gonna be late for your first day of college!" Mom yelled. I grabbed my backpack and made my way downstairs.

"I'm here." I sighed. "I'm nervous and excited to study psychology."

"You'll do great. College is a great experience. Just no dating and going wild." Dad added. I just chuckled. I kissed them both good bye and went to the university.

Once I arrived I was met by my best friend, Sarah. Best friends since diapers. She was also studying psychology with me.

"Guess who asked me out?" She said.


"Yasss, he said he didn't know how to ask me out, but finally said now or never. How cool is that?"

"So cool, I'm happy for you." I smiled as I gave her a side hug. We went to the lockers and put our things there then made our way to our first class.

Classes went great. You would think they would be boring. But they were very interesting.

We left campus and made our way to our favorite bakery. We ordered red velvet cupcakes with coffee.

"Damon Anderson, Just confirmed that there will be a sequel to the movie, Forbidden Love. Can't wait to see more about this yummy actor."

"Do you seriously have to check, Celeb news every 10 minutes?" I questioned her.

"Yes, hello. Damon is my favorite actor. Wish I could meet him." She said in a daze while looking at her phone.

"Yeah, he's cute and a great actor. But other than that, he's just a normal person like you and me." I replied.

"Except he's rich and famous." She added. Sometimes I wonder with her. Our orders came and we ate. After hanging out at the bakery, we said bye and went our separate ways.

Once I arrived home I went to my room and started to do my homework. Few seconds later, I was joined by my puppy, fluffy. She is a Pomeranian. I picked her up and put her on my laps. She fell asleep within minutes.

I can't believe how much homework they left. And it's just the first day. I can't imagine the rest of the year. Once I was done I went to eat. Food is life.

"Hey B. My friend is coming with his son for dinner. So don't make plans." Dad said while giving me a side hug.

"Let me check my schedule." I said while looking at my phone. "you're in luck, I got time for dinner with your friend and son." I grinned, he just laughed.

A few hours later, I got ready and then made my way out. I saw my dad talking to his friend and some young dude. I walked over there and said hi.

"I'm Jack." The young one said. I shook his hand and introduced myself.

"And I'm Leo." His dad said as we shook hands.

"Dinner is ready." Mom announced. We walked over to the table and enjoyed dinner.

After dinner, our parents were talking over coffee. So I went to the yard with him. He was a really nice person. He was cute. But he just didn't picked my interest.

He was more Sarah's type. We exchanged numbers and I told him about Sarah. It peaked his Interest. This Saturday we're meeting at the bakery so they can meet. I should probably call Sarah and let her know about this. She's not much of a surprise girl.


"Okay, so is he cute? Please tell me he's not a jerk like Larry. The man wanted to have sex with me after dinner. Like no asswipe, I want my first time to be special."

"Jack is a great guy. You'll like him." I replied.

"Let me guess, he didn't picked your interest?"

"Yeah, it can't be helped. I just want someone different." I sighed.

"Hey Bailey and Sarah." We said hi. He sat next to me. And just like that, he started to talk to Sarah. They grow up so fast.

"Well, my work here is done. You two kids have fun. I'll call you later and Jack. Treat my bestie nice." I said before leaving. They just shook their heads as they chuckled.

I went for a walk with fluffy. It was a beautiful and breezy day in LA. it was perfect to be with someone special. Someday it will come. I hope.

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