Trip with the Chingus (Part 4)

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"Bear how's your wrist?" Irene asked.
"It's fine! D.ana took care of it!"
"That's good! You had me worried back there" Irene replied.
"Hi you must be Irene! I'm Sunmi! Seulgi's unnie!!"said Sunmi.
"Oh hello there! I'm Joohyun but you can call me Irene!"
"Nice to meet you Irene!"
"Hey Seulgi, I didn't know you have an unnie?!"
"Oh we're not related, I used to take care of her back when she was in high school!"
"Ohh!! Wow I hope I didn't made a bad impression to you! I wished i would've known that Seulgi had an unnie, would you like to join us later? We're here to visit one of the trainees that's training here?"
"That's alright! I was just about to leave! I actually have a meeting to go to! But have fun anyways !!!" said Sunmi walking out.

"Seulgi-yah! You didn't tell me you had an unnie!!!!
"Like she said we're not related"
"She seems really protective of you!!"
"Yea she can be a bit over protective."
"Why do I feel she doesn't like me?"
"Don't worry about her. Ready to go?"

Seulgi took Irene's hand and walked back to their friends. Outside the door at the end of the hall was Sunmi standing with her arms crossed.

Walking back to their friends they decided to leave and take Yeri out to Disneyland.

Sunmi who was in her office was on the phone.

"Hey, I got an assignment for you?"
"Yeah I just need you to keep an eye on someone for me!"
"Just make sure they don't notice you guys!"
"Who else would it be..."
"It's Seulgi!!!"
"You know who good she is!"
"Wendy, Joy, and Moonbyul.
"They're going to Disneyland"
"Okay great! KEEP ME UPDATED!"
end call-

Sunmi put her phone down and look at the window saying "My Seulgi, I promised your Appa and Eomma that i'd watch over you like my own!"

"WAHHHHH!!!!" everyone yelled.

Joy, Wendy, and Yeri ran to ride the carousel, Moonbyul and Solar ran to ride the roller coaster, Wheein and Hwasa went to try some food and that leaves Irene and Seulgi behind. The two were holding hands and smiling at each other on how it feels like they took their kids here. They decided to go to the under the sea ride to start off something romantic.

"Hey Sunmi, we're here at Disneyland!"
"Okay great! Just remember what I told you guys!"
"So they group separated in four groups."
"Who's together?"
"Joy, Wendy, and the trainee, Moonbyul and that one model, the manager and model, and Seulgi and her girlfriend Irene!"
"Okay so i want Hyerin and Jeonghwa with the three, LE with Moonbyul, Solji with the manager, and Hani I want you to keep an eye on Seulgi!"
end call

Everyone was all having fun that day. It was already 4:30 pm and Seulgi texted the group Moonbyul and Wendy is in.

The Seulgi, Moonbyul, and Wendy Groupchat:
Seulgi: Sooo it's getting late, shouldn't you guys start setting up?
Moonbyul: Oh shit totally forgot about that!
Wendy: It's okay we have time
Moonbyul: Should we leave now?
Seulgi: It's up to you guys! I just want today to be special for my girl!!!
Wendy: Okay I'll call the others
Moonbyul: Seulgi try to be at the beach around 6 to 7ish!?
Seulgi: Okay!
Moonbyul: Oh yea btw! I could've sworn I saw LE and she was following me and Solar!
Wendy: Speaking of LE, I saw Hyerin and Jeonghwa standing in line in every ride we went to!!!
Moonbyul: how about you Seul?
Seulgi: Hmm... yea i can see Hani rn.
Moonbyul: Sunmi is prolly watching you!
Seulgi: Well i gotta go Irene just got out the restroom.

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