Walking up to the front door, I was careful of the cracked cement path and picked my way up the broken steps that led to the entrance.

Standing there, I felt a chill run up my back and laughed as a breeze brushed past my face tousling my hair. I could see how Kelly must have let her imagination run away with her. This setting was perfect for a horror movie.

Placing my hand on the tarnished doorknob, I had to use my weight to force open the front door.

The hinges cried with disuse as I pushed the door open to enter the large foyer. Wisps of illumination from the outside streetlights barely allowed me to see where I was standing until I flicked on the massive flashlight clutched in my hand.

There in front of me was a magnificent staircase winding its way to the top of the second floor landing. The wine colored carpet was thick with dust and showed the history of all the footsteps that had worn it down in spots to its backing.

Flicking the light from side to side, the large foyer revealed rooms to the left and right and a set of hallways on either side of the grand staircase.

"A pleasant enough house."

I murmured before entering and closing the now moaning door behind me.

The sound of the closing door was eerie, and I looked back to make certain that the latch had caught before moving on. I wasn't about to let the creaking noises of an old abandoned house scare me away.

After all, I had the chance of asking out a beautiful girl, once I proved this house was not haunted. I couldn't wait to get this night over with and my only concern was that Kelly would not remember her promise and not understand if Jhene said yes when I asked her out.

Pulling the loaded backpack from my shoulders, I began my tour of the house by walking into what must have been a formal parlor at one time.

The beam from my flashlight bounced off the ceiling to reveal ornate crown molding adorning the top of the walls. The aged wallpaper must have been silk, as it seemed to have withstood the test of time. Only strands here and there of the rich colored paper were frayed and hanging.

Walking deeper into the room I saw where shadows of portraits must have hung because looking closer you could see the original glory of the wallpaper.

The creamy white marble fireplace was still intact and remnants of ashes in its iron grate testified that it certainly had been in use, and if I wasn't mistaken, recently.

The mantle was wide and long enough to hold my supplies so I began to empty my backpack onto the dust-covered surface. Large candles, matches, bottled water and snacks were only a few of the items that I had brought to occupy my time until the night passed.

Heaving a thick paperback novel onto the mantle sent a flurry of dust and soot into the air and dancing into the stream of light from the flashlight.

Coughing and backing away from the mini-dust cloud that filled the air, I aimed my flashlight around the room and saw what appeared to be a sofa covered by an old dusty paint cloth.

Heading to the spot, I clutched the stained covering with one hand while slowly backing away.

Hoping to flush out what I'm sure would be a family of mice that lived in whatever was under its surface; I quickly snapped my wrist and sent the cloth flying to one side of the room.

Listening for the pitter-patter of tiny feet I held my breath not sure what to expect. Silence and more dust greeted my efforts to reveal nothing less than what had to be an antique.

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